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January 14, 2014

I'm on a Powder Trip

soap and glory face powder cosmetics review

I've been a cream blush girl for the last six months of so but I have a feeling that is all going to change.

I'm not usually one to go shopping during the Christmas sales but this year I did make a couple of strategic purchases, Soap and Glory's Powder Trip* being one of them. I picked it up with a Gift Card I'd received from a friend and I'm really glad I did because these powder products have been on my wishlist for a very long time. This set contains three of Soap and Glory's mainline powder cosmetics; Solar Powder, Love At First Blush and Glow All Out. Initially, I was most excited about trying Solar Powder (the two shade bronzer) but it didn't actually turn out to be my favourite of the three - another reason why palettes are great, you try products you wouldn't otherwise! 

contour bronze pale skin

Solar Powder Multi Shade Bronzer
Solar Powder features two bronzing shades, the dark shade is matte and the lighter shade has subtle shimmer  (the pink shimmer overlay disappears after a couple of swirls of your brush). Both are suitable for pale skin so I don't think this is the best product for anyone with medium-dark or dark skin, I simply don't think it would show up. However, on very fair skin both shades are workable. The light bronze shade offers a very light shade which is great for subtle all over bronzing. If you mix the two shades together (which is my favourite way to use this product) you get what I would consider the perfect contouring shade - a light/mid matte brown that offers a very natural looking shadow when used in the contours of my face. Then there is the darkest shade which when used alone offers a deeper colour for more dramatic contouring or (when I have a bit of a tan in the summer) for all over bronzing. All in all I really love this bronzer and am glad I've finally tried it! The colour lasts really well on my skin and the the powder is incredibly easy to blend meaning that the finished result (however you decide to use it) looks great.

soap and glory shimmering blusher

Love At First Blush Multi Shimmer Blushing Powder
I didn't expect to like this blush because it looks very shimmery. Now, it is just as shimmery as I expected but it is in a glowing, radiant way rather than a glittery-disco-ball way. It seems to be a hybrid product, combining a blush and a highlighter. Swirled together, the colours combine to offer a medium pink that is very wearable. However, it is possible to just pick up individual triangles if you want a more rosy or a darker colour - if you do this then you get a lighter and a darker pink shade, both of which offer the same radiant, glowing sort of colour as when you mix them all together. I really love how this looks on days when I want a radiant complexion. Coupled with a highlighting primer, this is a really lovely product to reach for day or night when I want my skin to glow.

luminizing face powder glowing skin

Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder
 The colour is suitable for use all over pale skin as I would imagine it would be for darker skin tones, but I wouldn't recommend using it all over the face as it is quite shimmery (although not glittery). But as a powder highlighter, used precisely wherever you want  to add some glow, I really like it. It is quite warm toned but I have cool undertones to my skin and I still like how this looks on me. I've paired it with coral and pink blushes and I find that it helps add more shape to my face as well as give my skin some radiance. I don't have any powder highlighters in my collection at the moment so I can see this easily become a staple of mine!

All three of these Soap and Glory products are available individually for £11 from Boots. I'm really impressed with them and would definitely recommend all three! Have you tried any of these? Or any other Soap and Glory cosmetics?



  1. I picked this up for Christmas too, I always use the Love at First Blush and Glow All out-obsessed with them but haven't tried the Solar Powder yet so hoping I love it as much! x

  2. Such a pretty set, I was hoping to find this under my tree at Xmas - but sadly it was not there & they all sold out so fast in the sale. I will have to treat myself to a few of their powders with my Boots points

  3. This looks like a lovely set, I've been wanting to try Love At First Blush for aaaages, it looks so pretty!
    I love Soap & Glory's concealer, and their mascara is my all time favourite!

    Jess xo

  4. I love Glow all out. This post has made me want to try them all.
    S & G products are such good quality for the price!

  5. Brilliant review as always! You've made me really want that bronzer though!!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  6. My Boots never has the testers of these, delighted to read a thorough review. Might take the leap at lunch tomorrow.

  7. so gorgeous! love the packaging, and the review :)

  8. I really wanted to pick this up in the sale but my Boots didn't have any left :( xx


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