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November 08, 2012

MINI MUST HAVE #4: Mark Hill Little Hottie Quick Fix Dry Shampoo

I picked this up in Boots because I liked the packaging! Not the best idea normally, but in this instance I'm really glad that the coloured leopard print on the bottle attracted me to it because it has turned out to be an absolutely amazing dry shampoo.

Unlike Batiste, which has been my dry shampoo staple for ages now, this dry shampoo sprays on clear and then only really dries white if you're sprayed it in a very concentrated way (see below).

I used it for the first time when I overslept and didn't have time to shower before heading to a seminar at University. I sprayed it very liberally into the roots of my hair, very quickly brushed it through and then ran out the door without thinking too much about it. Later in the day I went to the cinema with my flatmates and actually got a compliment off Josie about how nice my hair looked. I totally did not deserve that compliment, this dry shampoo did. I was really impressed that it not only looked great (with no whiteness in sight) but also really felt nice in my hair, and that made me feel a lot more confident. 

I've also used this after exercising to banish greasy roots and experienced the same great results. I can safely say that this dry shampoo is going to be a gym time staple from now on and if it helps me get an hour extra sleep here and there by not needing to wash my hair so often then that is a super extra bonus!

You can find this in Boots stores for about £2 or (the full size bottle) online here for £5.49.

Have you tried any Mark Hill products before? Any other great products like this in the range that I've been missing out on?



  1. great post - i love Batiste but it does show up a bit grey sometimes! I like the Mark Hill heat protector spray. Got a mini one that has lasted aaaaages :)

    1. This one is just brilliant! I'm thinking of stocking up on the normal size bottles if there's an offer on next time I go shopping! I'll check that heat protection spray out :) x

  2. Sounds good! I've just ran out of Batiste so I might try this one instead :)

  3. I've never heard of this brand before and am so fateful to my Batiste. However, this sounds really great, I might have to check it out! Followed you! xx

  4. Never heard of Mark Hill nor noticed it during my countless visits to Boots when I was in England last month. It sounds amazing though!

  5. I used this once and then mine leaked all in my bag :( I did love it when I had it though, haha x


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