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November 01, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Lip Gloss Shade 11

The Body Shop's lip glosses are thick but not opaque shades which have great lasting power. Shade 11 is a bright raspberry pink. I've had my tube for a while now and its the only lip gloss I've ever come this close to finishing. Despite how full the tube may look below there's actually only enough left to come up to the beginning of the 'The' of The Body Shop on the packaging. The amount of usage I've gotten out of this justifies its need for a review as I still feel as though The Body Shop's cosmetics don't get the love they truly deserve.

The applicator for the lipstick is a normal, small wand (as pictured below) but it is really good quality and is slightly tapered so the right end of the wand in the photos is thinner than the left end. This really helps when you apply is as it makes it easier to only get the lip gloss exactly where you want it. 

The colour you can expect you can find below. It's very wearable as it doesn't look like too much with light make-up or even with just mascara but it is also bright enough to wear in the evening when you might be more made up. 

If you're a fan of lip glosses and you haven't tried any by the Body Shop then I would recommend heading down to your local store and going swatch crazy as they have some lovely shades. These lip glosses cost £10 normally but keep an eye out for the Body Shop's many discount offers as they'll make these products a lot more purse friendly!

What's your favourite lip gloss?




  1. A tender for lipgloss is abut much :/ but they look like they have great colour payoff I also like the wand :)

    Love the blog, and am now following!

    1. I know, but it is really lovely! And the brilliant thing about the Body Shop is that they often have offers on so you can get huge reductions! xx

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Haha, I'm jealous! I'm thinking of picking another one up as I've nearly finished this one :) xx

  3. I noticed ur nails immediately! Love it!

    - True

    1. Haha, thank you! I've been loving Mua's nail constellations since I bought them x


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