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June 05, 2013

May Empties

It's a little late going up this month but I got through a whole stack of products and some of them are favourites of mine so I thought better late than never! I haven't actually reviewed all if these in full which is naughty of me as I think they're all (bar one) fabulous. Most of these will definitely be getting repurchased at some point though so I'm sure full reviews will eventually grace the blog. Where I have reviewed any item I'll link the post so if you like the sound of something you can read a bit more about it.

The Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (full size £8)
I really enjoyed using this make-up remover, it was really gentle but still incredibly effective. It got even waterproof mascara off my lashes but didn't aggravate my sensitive skin, or eye area, one bit. I'd definitely recommend this and I'll undoubtedly be repurchasing the full size once my other make-up remover (another version from The Body Shop) runs out.  (Read my full review here)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Lotion (15ml £3)
I don't actually know how you're "supposed" to use this lotion but I bought the small 15ml bottle to use as a spot treatment and it worked brilliantly. I used this on every blemish that I've had over the last four months and it was very effective for such an affordable solution. There is a larger size which is better value for money but I like this small bottle as it is easier to carry about with me (I like to reapply spot treatments throughout the day when I can get away with it). I'd definitely recommend it if you want something affordable to try.

Superdrug Cleansing Sponge (99p)
This is a brilliant product that I find really handy to use when I cleanse as well as when I want to remove face masks. It's really cheap, lasted about six weeks before it got a little bit tatty and I've already replaced it. It's definitely worth a try! (Read my full review here)

Nivea Firming Body Oil (£6.96)
I love body oils, especially in the colder months. I find that they do a wonderful job of keeping my skin hydrated and there are some wonderful affordable options out there. Nivea's Firming Body Oil surprised me as it far exceeded my expectations. Products that boast firming properties, I find, rarely live up to their claims. However, this one had noticeable effects whilst still providing excellent hydration. I haven't yet repurchased it but I intend to once I make a dent in my stash of body moisturisers, it's definitely worth giving a try especially with the weather getting hotter meaning more flesh is being bared. 

Colgate Plax Sensitive (£3.40)
Perhaps a boring inclusion but I give my teeth a lot of attention and Colgate's mouth washes are my favourite. If you don't like strong minty tastes then this one is a great option.

The Body Shop Dreams Eau De Toilette (limited edition)
Last year I went through two bottles of The Body Shop's Dreams Eau De Toilette, it was definitely my signitaure scent. I was looking forward to using this bottle up when I returned home but I found that it had gone off over the six months I was away and I'm having to throw it away. If I ever find another bottle I'll definitely be repurchasing it as the light, fresh scent is really lovely. 

The Body Shop Seaweed Day Cream (£10)
This is a fantastic moisturiser for oily or combination skin, I had only the smallest amount of this left after almost finishing it a couple of months ago. When I finally finished it I was reminded how much I like it. If you're looking for a mattifying day cream I'd highly recommend reading the full review that I wrote.

Vichy Eau Thermale
Two words; life saver. I used this up when I was working every day in an overly hot library and it was the perfect refresher. I think that if I lived in a hot country I would get through mountains of these thermal water sprays. They have many other uses too, they're great for refreshing your make-up throughout the day to keep it looking its best as well as for finishing up your skincare routine to balance your skin. I know these type of products won't be to everyone's tastes but I love them and will definitely be repurchasing one.

Jason Bee Healthy Lip Balm (£2.50)
I've head mixed reviews on this lip balm but I for one really enjoyed using it. It's a rare day when I finish a lip products so the fact that I used up every last scrap of it is high praise to it indeed. It smells just like orange chocolate!

Superdrug  Cleansing Wipes (99p)
I don't use these on my face but I do keep a pack in my handbag to wipe swatches off my hands when I go shopping. I only bought these ones over any others because they were so cheap. I wouldn't recommend them for anything other than how I use them.

That seems even more products now than it did at the beginning, but I like using up products as it reassures me that I am at least slowly getting through my beauty hoard. Let me know if you've used anything up that you really enjoyed, and please feel free to link me your May empties posts!


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  1. I do enjoy too when I actually have some empties as well. I get the same feeling that at least I'm getting through items! I'm curious about Vichy Eau Thermale, I never heard that before. Sounds like something I would love.

  2. That clearly balm thingy sounds great especially for £3, I will be buying that when I get a chance!


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