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August 19, 2013

An Ode to Mac's Lustre Lipsticks (Syrup, Plumful and Lovelorn)

Now, I appreciate not everyone will know about Mac's Lustre lipsticks so we're going to cover that base first. Mac has a whole host of different lipstick formulas, each of which have a different finish when applied to the lips. I would argue that Lustres are the second 'lightest' feeling (Glazes would come first). They aren't heavy or opaque, instead they give a slick of shiny, glossy colour that works alongside the colour of your lips - you'll be able to see that they aren't totally opaque in my swatches below.

Left to Right: Plumful, Lovelorn & Syrup (swatches are two swipes of each lipstick)

Lustre lipsticks are wonderful summer lipsticks because you won't feel them on your lips. They have the lightness of a lip gloss or balm whilst still giving you noticeable and relatively long lasting colour. On me they last from between an one hour and three depending on if I'm drinking or rubbing my lips together lots (I can't be the only person who does that).

I also love that because they aren't completely opaque they look a little bit different on everyone who wears them. I've done a Mac Lipstick Collection post where I've posted lip swatches of my entire collection so you can see what each of these look like on my lips if you click here. If you were to compare these colours to other lip swatches they wouldn't be the same. This makes it a little bit more risky buying them without trying them on first but it also makes them a little bit more personal

I wear my Mac's Lustres when I don't want to have to worry about exfoliating my lips or using lip liner. For this reason they're perfect for lipstick newbies or those of you who want a lip gloss/lipstick hybrid because lustres are still really lovely and glossy. If you're going - on a date, to the cinema (where you'll probably eat and drink and can't touch up in the dark), to school or lectures or seminars or if you just love fuss free make-up then Lustre lipsticks are the ones for you. 

When I first got into Mac lipsticks I thought Cremesheens were the be-all-and-end-all and although I still love them (they're delightfully creamy, as the name suggests) but their place in my heart has been usurped by the Lustre formula. I have yet to come across any great drugstore dupes of how the formula feels on the lips but a similar looking effect can be attained from 17's Mirror Shine Lipsticks which at £4.19 are a lot more affordable but sadly not perfect dupes (they're just a little bit glossier than Lustre lipsticks).

Thus this week's lipstick post is concluded, but I don't think my love affair with Lustres will ever end! Have you tried any of Mac's Lustre Lipsticks? Do you have a favourite finish of Mac Lipstick?



  1. I have MAC Ladybug which is the perfect sheer glossy red! I love the Lustre finish too. You've made me want Lovelorn!

    x x x

    1. Ladybug looks so lovely, it's on my never ending beauty wishlist haha. Lovelorn is really pretty, but very strongly blue-based so i can imagine it wouldn't be to everyone's taste x

  2. Lustre looks amazing, I am desperately lusting over Syrup. I hope to get it someday! SO PRETTY. Tried it on and it looks great on me too :)

  3. I really like the shade Syrup, I have far too many lip products to get anymore though!

  4. You're making me want to buy every lipstick ever woman!

    Rosie xo

  5. Plumful is on my wish list and now I may have to add Syrup as well!

  6. I have Plumful and love it! Both the other shades are gorgeous too xx

  7. I love how you say the lustres are a bit more personal! I've been lusting after Plumful, I have See Sheer and I love it so much! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

  8. I am lusting after Plumful by Mac. Do you know of any dupes? You mentioned the 17 ones are similar-are any good dupes for Plumful even if they are different finishes? Thank you!

  9. These are all on my wishlist! They look beautiful!

  10. I have all three of these and I love them. The MAC Lustre formula is my favourite of all of the finishes! xx

  11. I'm glad the Lustre finish looks great on you. I really want to love that formulation, but my pigmented lips just show through. I had to give away my Lickable and it is such a pretty color.

  12. I've had so much fun looking through your blog and checking out posts. Your layout makes it fun and easy to find other interesting articles! I real like Plumful.

    Ella Hanover


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