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March 31, 2015

March Beauty Favourites

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blogger: Favourite Beauty Products from March 2015

As far as I'm concerned, March was a really great month for me in terms of discovering new beauty products. I tried out some really wonderful products and here in today's post I'm going to share my top picks of the month.

Monu Spa Enriched Body Cream*

Ladies and gentlemen, this may just be the body cream king - well, as far as I'm concerned! It has everything I look for in a moisturiser; the consistency is relatively light considering how hydrating it is, the scent is fresh and a touch fruity and it leaves my skin soft for days. I love it, I think it's completely worth investing in and I'll definitely be repurchasing it in the future!

Illamasqua Matte Lipstick in Sangers

This red lipstick is the one. It's an absolutely gorgeous shade that will flatter so many different skin tones and the formula is really wonderful too. It isn't quite as matte as I had expected, but it has all the benefits of a really matte lipstick (ie. it wears incredibly well on the lips) without feeling excessively dry or uncomfortable to wear. I love Illamasqua as a brand and I'm really happy to have one of their red lipsticks in my collection. Red is such a staple colour in terms of lipstick, and to have found a shade I really like in a really good formula makes me pretty happy! I'd highly recommend it and I can say for certainty that I'll wearing it a lot this year.

ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser*

If you're looking for light-medium coverage with a really natural looking dewy finish then ESPA's new Tinted Moisturiser is very much for you. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed using something that felt so lightweight, but I just couldn't get over how lovely this base product looks on my skin. I'm completely converted to tinted moisturisers and ESPA have knocked it out of the park with this one.

Kadria Balancing Face Oil with Chia and Blackseed*

I was really excited to try out a facial oil that's designed for hormonally imbalanced skin as throughout my hormonal cycle I can really see the effects on my face! What I found was that it was really good at balancing my combination skin, keeping my dry cheeks hydrated without overloading my t-zone. It was quite suitable for using in the mornings as it sunk into my skin really quickly and then throughout the day my skin looked more even for much, much longer. I think it's a lovely facial oil and I'm now interested in seeing what else Kadria as a brand has to offer!

What have you been loving this month?



  1. That Illamasqua lipstick is such a beautiful shade. x

  2. That Illamasqua lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous!


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