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February 04, 2017

My Tiffany Necklace Collection

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: sterling silver tiffany necklace review

When I was growing up Tiffany necklaces were the covetable item. Every time a milestone birthday came around, it would be a very safe bet that someone I knew would be unwrapping their very first little blue box; and I was no exception. On my sixteenth birthday I very gratefully received a Tiffany Open Heart Necklace from my dad, and I was smitten. It was everything I had wanted it to be, and I loved it dearly until it abruptly disappeared from my life.

To this day I still don’t quite know what happened to that necklace. I don’t know if I misplaced it when we moved house (when I was seventeen and a half) or if the chain broke and it fell off my neck never to be seen again. Sadly, I’ll never know, but for years whenever I saw a Tiffany necklace I felt a strong mixture of guilt and disappointment. To lust after something you once had – especially when it was inadvertently lost – is a particularly poignant feeling, and for a long time that is what Tiffany jewellery aroused in me.

one little vice lifestyle blog: tiffany necklace collection

Fast forward eight years of responsibility and hard work to the summer of 2016, just before my twenty-fourth birthday. My interest in Tiffany was unabated and I was finally in a position where I could financially (and emotionally) replace that long-lost necklace – so I did, and it was a great decision! I chose the Tiffany Open Heart in 22mm on a 16-inch chain (RRP £250), and I find this to be a great size of pendant for everyday wear. I do, however, prefer a longer chain and I have been wearing the necklace with a chain extender ever since I bought it. Tiffany do offer a resizing/lengthening service, so when I have time I would like to send mine off to be resized to 18 or 20 inches.

one little vice lifestyle blog: tiffany necklace collection

This first purchase opened the floodgate, and suddenly everything Tiffany was on the menu. In September 2016 I added another necklace to my collection, the Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Pendant in RUBEDO Metal in Small (RRP £320). I bought this necklace at an auction (which explains the date stamp of 2012 on the Rubedo ring) because I loved the design and thought that it represented a good value-for-money purchase. Tiffany jewellery doesn’t seem to hold its first hand value that well, so I would definitely recommend investigating the pre-loved market if you’re interested in bargain hunting.

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: tiffany sterling silver necklace collection

When it came to Christmas 2016, the only thing I really wanted was a new Tiffany addition and I chose the Tiffany 36mm Open Heart (currently sold on a silk cord, RRP £410) with a 30-inch chain (RRP £80). This is the largest Open Heart model that Tiffany currently produces, and it’s pretty big – above, I've included a comparison between the 36mm and 22mm Open Hearts. The vibe of the 36mm necklace is different from the other Tiffany necklaces that I own. On the 30 inch chain the heart is very luxe-casual and look great with a v-neck t-shirt. The pendant hangs below the neckline and adds a hint of luxury to otherwise very casual outfits. I can see myself wearing this a lot during the summer, when I prefer not to feel metal against my skin.

one little vice lifestyle blog: tiffany necklace collection

Finally, the last piece in my growing Tiffany collection is the Tiffany 18mm Bean Necklace on a 15-inch chain (sold on an 18 inch chain – RRP £275). This was a totally impulse purchase, and one meant to symbolize a big change in my life. I moved house about two days before Christmas, into what I hope will be my long-term home. The months preceding the move were a bit stressful but it did mean that the New Year heralded a truly fresh start. As Tiffany’s Bean collection is meant to symbolise new beginnings, I thought that it would be a fitting reminder for this important time in my life.

one little vice lifestyle blog: Sterling Silver Open Heart and Interlocking Circles

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that I have a pretty full set of silver pendant necklaces, each of which I truly adore. Although there are many other gorgeous Tiffany necklaces, I can’t see myself buying any more – at least not in sterling silver. I would love to add a Tiffany 18k Gold 22 mm Open Heart Necklace (RRP £1350) to my collection, but I think that (if I even deserve any more jewellery after spoiling myself so much) I should probably invest in some earrings.

Are you a fan of Tiffany jewellery? I’d love to know what pieces you own, or what you’re lusting over. And, as always, I'd be happy to answer any questions left in the comments below!


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