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November 21, 2013

Rifling Through The Body Shop: A Winter Wishlist

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Keeping true to my post spending ban vision, I'm not buying products mid-month but I am still window shopping. And my oh my, I have stumbled across some things I want this month! I love The Body Shop's products, I've reviewed a lot of their products over the last year, but there are some new and some old favourites that I've been eyeing up lately. Recently I've spent quite some time loitering in train stations (my curse is that I'm perpetually early, everywhere) so I've been browsing The Body Shop (they seem to always have outlets in stations) for products to try out in the upcoming months. Today's post is the culmination of my search, I found eight products that I really want to pick up and I thought I'd share them with you today.

I've used both of these face creams before and they are honestly a wonder combination. They're really hydrating without being too heavy and they don't aggravate my sensitive skin. It's more 'need' than 'want' really, I need these in my life again!

No word of a lie, I spent about 10 minutes in a Body Shop store trying to decide between these two scents - and I just couldn't do it. The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is light and fresh but has a lot of depth to it (more than the Atlas Rose scent which I've been wearing all year). It's really quite a tantalizing scent that leaves you wanting to keep on spritzing. The Madagascan Vanilla Flower scent is completely different, it's warm, sweet and much heavier. It isn't a traditional, straightforward vanilla - it has a bit of spice and a touch of woodiness to it. It's really very nice, and that's coming from someone who usually dislikes vanilla scented perfumes, and I think it is absolutely perfect for this time of year.

I had a bit of a play around with this cleansing butter when I was in a Body Shop store and as much as I usually dislike oil cleansers, this cleansing butter seems really perfect. It has a lot of the benefits of an oil based cleanser without many of the downsides. It isn't messy, you can't spill it and because you can melt it on your fingers it can be applied very sparingly. I don't know how it will perform but I really want to give this a try!

I've tried the Moringa Beautifying Oil before and I really enjoyed using it but didn't really seriously consider repurchasing it until I stumbled across the Satsuma scent. Oh my, it is glorious. It is like summertime in a bottle. If you like body oils then this is something I'd recommend.

The scent of the Body Shop's Cocoa Butter line screams winter to me. It's a sweet scent and it isn't as heavy as the scent of Palmers' range. Two products which caught my eye in particular were the Creamy Body Wash and the Cream Body Scrub. I thought both looked as if they would serve double functions - they'd do what they're supposed to but they'd also be nourishing and soothing, and wouldn't dry out tired winter skin.

That concludes my winter wishlist from The Body Shop. Have I mentioned anything that you like the sound of? Or are there any other products that I haven't mentioned that you think I should try?



  1. I love the Cocoa Butter range, so good for dry skin! Great picks :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. I am in love with the Brazil Nut line lately, that body butter is amazing!

  3. Every time I go into The Body Shop I want to try everything. Everything always smells so good.

  4. The Cocoa Butter Body Butter is the nicest thing ever x

  5. Their coconut range is REALLY lush! I am using the coconut body butter at the moment! Its my favourite!
    Jess / @whatjessiedid


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