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November 22, 2013

Glamour Magazine Freebie: Kate Spade's Nails Inc 'Soho Silver'

silver christmas nail polish
swatches silver nails in christmas polish

Last week I posted about another nail polish that I picked up with Glamour Magazine called 'Uptown Glamour' and I was so impressed with it that I eventually ventured out to pick up another shade. There are four shades available with this month's Glamour Magazine - a classic red, a navy, a gold (Uptown Glamour) and a silver (Soho Silver). As you can see from my swatches I picked up Soho Silver and it is another gorgeous, very seasonally appropriate metallic polish. It isn't quite as interesting a shade as Uptown Glamour (which honestly is stunning) but Soho Silver has a great formula, applies well and gives a super shiny mirror-effect finish that really endears me to it. For £2 you really can't go wrong with any of these Nails Inc polishes and I'm really happy that I picked up both Uptown Glamour and Soho Silver as I'll definitely be wearing them over the Christmas period.

silver christmas nail polish

Did you pick up Glamour Magazine this month? It isn't too late to do so, I've seen many copies still in shops with all four shades of polish available!



  1. I've only picked up the gold, but I'm tempted to go get more x

  2. I love this. Looks very similar to a Barry M foil nail paint I have. I subscribe to glamour but due to restrictions I have to go Manchester city Debenhams to pick it up. Yet motel rocks sent me a models own polish via royal mail the next day.

    Kate | A British Sparkle x

  3. I have picked up the red & love it - I am so tempted to pop back for the other 3 colours

  4. I also have this colour, I think it would be lovely to wear in winter

    Bella x


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