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November 25, 2013

My Favourite Original Source Shower Gel: Shea Butter and Honey

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Original Source are a brand that many people have tried and their products are very easily available in drugstores and supermarkets. When I was a teenager I exclusively used Original Sources Shower Gels - mainly because I liked the packaging and (as many of you will already know) I'm a sucker for nice scents. Well, after years of trying out every variety under the sun I have definitely settled on a favourite - the Shea Butter and Honey scent. The smell of this shower gel screams 'indulgence', it's sweet and rich without smelling fake or overpowering. I have to work very hard not to go overboard with it when I take a shower. It is honestly one of the nicest smelling things I own, and I'm lucky enough that it's a product that I can douse myself in daily. If you haven't already given this shower gel a try then I would highly, highly recommend that you do - it's definitely my holy grail super-affordable shower/bathing product. (Plus, it doubles up as an awesome bubble-bath, but the smell doesn't linger quite as well as it does when you use it in the shower.)

Have you tried Original Source's Shower Gels? Do you have a favourite scent?



  1. I love this one too, definitely my favourite, although all of them smell amazing :)xo

  2. ha this review cracked me up - it reminds me of a friend (male) at uni who said he uses the tea tree original source shower gel simply because it tickles his balls! Sorry for lowering the tone of your blog :) x

  3. This sounds amazing, I only ventured into Original Source shower gels this year when I saw the Vanilla Milk & Raspberry scent. I had to buy it and it smells like a yummy milkshake. I must keep an eye out for the Shea Butter & Honey one next time!

  4. This sounds very relaxing and lovely. I've never used an Original Source shower gel before, need to get that sorted!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. This sounds yummy, I'll deffo be buying this next x


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