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February 09, 2014

Review: Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment

affordable intense deep conditioner for all hair types

Last month Neal & Wolf were kind enough to send me their Harmony Intensive Care Treatment to test out.  Recently, I've definitely been investing more time and attention in my hair, it's reached that length (mid-length verging on long) where it needs serious looking after. As a result, I've been turning more frequently towards hair treatments in my ongoing quest to keep it sleek, conditioned and frizz-free. 

Neal & Wolf offer a compact hair collection featuring ten different products. Harmony Intensive Care Treatment is aimed at repairing damaged hair by offering an intensive deep-conditioning treatment. It is sulfate, paraben and cruelty free and it definitely looks and feels like a beauty indulgence without stretching the purse strings too far. 

What especially intrigued me about this hair treatment is that it promises to deliver "an instant transformation" in both the texture and appearance of your hair. I for one love the idea of having a reliable and efficient hair treatment in my collection that I can turn to whenever I have a big day or evening to look forward to. Whether it be a job interview, date, dinner or party, there are always situations where I'll need a 'quick fix' to get my hair looking its best. 

After testing this out over the last month I can definitely admit that it does a wonderful job of reviving my hair (even now, when it is in need of a good trim). I apply this in place of a conditioner, leave it on for five minutes and when I rinse and dry my hair I notice a considerable difference in the condition of my hair from the days when I don't reach for it. Harmony Intensive Care Treatment doesn't weigh my hair down at all (I have fine hair so this is often a concern of mine) and I really do feel as though it leaves my hair looking sleeker and feeling softer. My only concern is that the product is strongly scented - for me this is slightly off-putting. The scent is rich without being heavy and it is sophisticated.   I have consulted with friends and I am the only one who seems bothered by it, suggesting that it is just an issue to do with my personal taste. Additionally, I consulted other blog reviews and the scent actually seems to be part of the reason why many other bloggers enjoyed using the treatment. 

Overall - I think that if you're looking for a product to reach for to tame, smooth and soften your hair then this is a wonderful hair treatment to have on hand. I feel as though the product performs very well and for its price you get something very luxurious. I'm glad I've tried it and I'll certainly be reaching for Neal & Wolf's Harmony Intensive Care Treatment whenever my hairs deep conditioning. Find it online here for £13.50*.

Have you tried any of Neal & Wolf's products?



  1. This sounds so lovely, I've not used a intense conditioner in a long long time as I've got super fine hair but TONS of it and it can often leave it lank so this sounds perfect! Great review! x

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. This sounds like a great treatment, I am always looking for products to keep my hair looking sleek & healthy

  3. I really like this, but I agree about the smell. It's very strong and musky, which I didn't like at first, though I am growing used to it!! xx


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