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March 17, 2014

Review: Lush Roots Hair Treatment

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Lush's Roots Hair Treatment is an absolute delight to use. I chose to pick it up because in 2013 I'd had some issues with hair loss (entirely linked with work stress) and my hair is now much finer and more delicate than it used to be. I was looking for a hair treatment that I could use on from root to tip that would leave my locks healthier and that perhaps might even help stimulate hair growth. Roots is exactly what I was after and it hasn't ever disappointed me.

One tub provided my medium-long hair with three full applications and one half application (just enough products to apply to the roots of my hair). Spread out over fortnightly applications, I found that Roots left my hair much softer, smoother, sleeker and shinier and it definitely feels and looks healthier than it did before. The hair treatment is a thick cream so there isn't much mess when you apply it - it stays where its put. After a couple of minutes it begins to tingle your scalp and then this tingle becomes a sustained sensation until you remove the hair treatment. I found it very very odd when I first applied it but once I realised that it wasn't a sign of a bad reaction or my scalp being too sensitive - it is just meant to tingle - I started to enjoy the feeling. 

It isn't hard to find the time for a fortnightly hair treatment and I tend to apply it at the same time as a thick clay mask as I leave them on for roughly the same amount of time, about twenty minutes. And it makes such a difference to my hair for days and days afterwards. Honestly, if you want 'just out of the salon' hair then I'd recommend incorporating Roots into your routine. I can't comment on hair growth yet but I will be repurchasing this (probably over and over again) so perhaps I'll do an updated post in the future when I'm on tub three or four! My first impressions of Roots are all positive and I'd definitely recommend it, even to fine hair types because it doesn't weigh down hair at all. If anything it leaves my hair lighter and more bouncy. 

Do you use any hair masks or treatments? Have you tried Lush's Roots Hair Treatment?



  1. My boyfriend experienced really bad hairloss in the last year or so, and he started using Roots. It made such a difference, it was fantastic, and on his short hair it lasted him ages! He did eventually cut his hair all off but he keeps using the treatment on his barely there hair and it's growing through so thick and strong now! Great product, glad to hear it's helping you too :)

  2. Great review! I absolutely love this stuff, and it smells great :)


  3. I got a sample of this and keep forgetting to use it! Sounds so good, will dig it out!


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