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January 14, 2015

Tom Reviews: Gentle-Man Shaving Cream & Post Shave Balm

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Gentle Man Aloe Sweet Cheeks Shave Cream and Super Soothing Post Shave Balm Review
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Gentleman Range shaving cream and super soothing post shave balm review

Hello! I’m Tom, whom you may recognise from those random blog posts where Angelica and I have hopped around London and shared what we've gotten up to. This review is the first of several that I hope to write for Angelica, whose blog I've keenly followed ever since its inception!

Beauty Crowd were kind enough to send us two products from Paul Byrne’s Gentle-Man Range (Aloe Sweet Cheeks Shave Cream - Lemongrass 175ml* and Super Soothing Post Shave Balm 100ml*) for me to try out. Unlike Angelica, however, I’m not exactly bold when it comes to trying new beauty/grooming products. For too long I have been content to buy and use the same products (all too often swayed by discounts), only experimenting if on the receiving end of presents from friends or family. However, the bounties of Christmas do not last forever, and I genuinely think that my experience with the Gentle-Man collection may well persuade me to expand my horizons in the future. Both shaving cream and post shave balm are impeccably presented, boxed in dashing style evocative of their brand name. Part of a range of eight, each Gentle-Man product bears the same immaculate packaging and, unboxed, reveal stark black products aesthetically preferable to the overly macho or unisexually bland products I’ve previously used. It is a brand obviously designed for men, yet one which I feel women would be comfortable purchasing for partners, friends or family members.
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Gentleman Aloe Lemongrass Shave Cream Review
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Gentleman Shave and Post Shave Balm Review

Having sensitive skin, my primary concern when trying new products is whether or not they produce a reaction. Having used both Gentle-Man products for a month now, I am happy to report that neither product has borne any problems. The post shave balm lacks scent, which probably helps, and the absence of any distinct fragrance also means that it doesn’t compete unnecessarily with cologne (unlike my previous shaving kit, which now smells sickly sweet to me). Both balm and cream are pleasingly substantial, requiring only moderate amounts to cover the face evenly (both products certainly last long enough to justify the RRP). When used together, the shaving quarter of the Gentle-Man range left my skin feeling protected, supple and smooth, with absolutely no irritation. 

As a final addendum, the range (a ‘Great British Product’) is produced rather pleasingly in my home county of Shropshire, which provides me with as good an incentive as any to purchase (and recommend to my friends and yourselves) more of these products that have become a valuable addition to my morning routine.

         Both products are available (with more of the range) on Beauty Crowd. The Gentle-Man Shave Cream (175ml) retails for £15.00*, whilst The Gentle-Man Post Shave Balm (100ml) is available for £16.00*.


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