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July 03, 2015

Serums for Dehydrated Skin: AEOS Realive Serum

one little vice beauty blog: effective organic skincare for dehydration

AEOS' Realive Serum* made it's way into my life after the brand very kindly sent me their Optimal Skin Essentials Kit in Pink* (pictured below). I've recently had a bit of a skincare overhaul so I wasn't in a position to start using all of the products I was sent from AEOS right away, but the Realive Serum* stood out to me from the very first moment I saw it. For one, I love the rubberized packaging (so much more bathroom friendly than glass) but I was also sold on the ingredients list.

AEOS is a cruelty-free company offering an organic and natural skincare range that contains active ingredients, such as biodynamic plant extracts and essential oils. The Realive Serum* contains hyularonic acid, a key ingredient for those with dehydrated skin, as well as the essential oils of lavender, rose and rose geranium which all help minimise the signs of ageing and restore radiance to your complexion. 

one little vice beauty blog: AEOS Realive Serum for Dehydrated Skin

I've found that using AEOS's Realive Serum* for six weeks has made a noticeable, visible, improvement to the appearance of my skin. I apply two pumps of the serum onto my hands and then massage the product into damp skin. I find that it absorbs into my skin within a minute leaving me ready to continue with my skincare routine. I swapped out my usual facial oils and replaced them with this serum and watched the normally dry and irritable skin on my cheeks begin to transform. There is less redness and my cheeks are much less dry - and less sensitive as a result. I did change other elements of my routine but I can see the difference on the days when I haven't used AEOS' Realive Serum*, without it my skin doesn't look as radiant or healthy.

The Realive Serum* is an incredibly expensive skincare product, potentially the most expensive product I've ever used on my skin, and this presents a problem for me as regardless of how well it performs I personally just couldn't afford to repurchase the serum. AEOS' Realive Serum costs £105 per 50ml, and I receieved a 30ml bottle as part of the Optimal Skin Essentials Kit* which costs £68.00. I think that this makes the kit a much more affordable way to stock up on AEOS skincare products, especially if you split the contents and price between friends or family members. 

If nothing else is working to reinvigorate your skin then AEOS is a really good port of call, and I would highly recommend the Realive Serum*. I'm very much looking forward to getting around to the other products in the Optimal Skin Essentials Kit* - which seems like a very good investment - and you can find out more about the contents online here.

Have you tried any AEOS skincare before?
What products would you recommend for dehydrated skin?


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