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May 20, 2017

Review: Caudalie Vine Activ

onelittlevice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

A couple of months ago, I was very kindly invited along to Caudalie's VineActiv press event and I was gifted the three new VineActiv products (and the re-packaged Overnight Detox Oil). At the event, I learnt a lot about the VineActiv range and realised that they happened to be pretty spot-on for my skin type and my lifestyle. They're specifically designed for those aged 25-35 years old and they're highly suitable for anyone living in a city where there is a lot of pollution. As I turn 25 years old in July, and I live in London, I felt like I was a good candidate to test them out. I've been using them for a few months now and I'm ready to report back on my experience with them.

one little vice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

The first product that I'm going to talk about happens to be my favourite; the Caudalie Vine Activ Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum* (£36.00). It is the most concentrated product in the range, and it can be used in the morning and evening before applying a day-time moisturiser or evening facial oil. I used it twice a day until I used up every single last drop! It has an incredibly light texture that absorbs into the skin so easily, and it made such a noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin. I believe that this is thanks to the science behind the serum. 

Caudalie's VineActiv range includes a patent-pending combination of antioxidants that work together to reduce "cell burn-out", helping to stop the degeneration of the cells in our skin. Basically, Caudlie have created a new compound that helps to replenish the stock of our skin's natural-antioxidants as well as simulating skin's internal defences. What this means is that the appearance of wrinkles will be delayed and the skin will enjoy a greater luminosity. Given my age, I can't really comment about any wrinkles but I do believe that the serum gives my skin what it needs to glow from within, and I have been really impressed.

one little vice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

The Caudalie Vine Activ 3-in-1 Moisturiser* (£32.00) is the product that most impressed me during the press event. As with all these VineActiv products, it contains Caudalie's "anti-cell burn-out complex" but it is also full of polysaccharides (sugars) which create an invisible film across the surface of your skin. This film is supposed to create a barrier which shields your skin from pollution which can otherwise easily be asborbed, or can sit in the pores of your skin. Without this sort of film, once pollution is on your skin it's actually really hard to remove - even with cleansing. However, when you remove this moisturiser from your skin with a cleanser, the moisturiser is supposed to sort of stick to the pollution particles which means that as the mosituriser is removed so is any pollution. Honestly, the close-up magnified photos are incredible - and a bit scary -and they really encouraged me to actively reach for this moisturiser ever day. 

I found that the Caudalie VineActiv Moisturiser offers a really lovely and light dose of hydration. You really can't feel it on the skin, as it seems as though it completely sinks into the skin pretty immediately. It's a good formula for anyone with normal or combination skin, and I found that it left my skin with a subtle and natural glow. However, I think that if I didn't know about it's pollution benefits then I don't know if I would understand what was so special about this moisturiser. I think a lot of its benefits occur without you realising, but in the long-term this sort of preventative and protective skincare product would undoubtedly do my skin a lot of good. 

one little vice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

The Caudalie Vine Activ Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream* (£27.50) contains the same "anti-cell burn-out complex" as the Vine Activ Serum and Moisturiser. This means that, like those other products, it works to slow down the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. However, it has also been tailor-made to offer other benefits for the eye-area, and includes; anti-wrinkle and lifting peptides, licorice extract (for anti-puffiness) and horse chestnut extract (which helps to combat dark circles). Just like the other products in Caudalie's Vine Activ range, the Energizing and Soothing Eye Cream is a science-led product that has been designed to give you the most from your eye cream.

I swapped this into my routine and really enjoyed it's light formula, which absorbs into my eye area very quickly, and I do feel as though it makes a big difference to the appearance of my undereyes. It helps to smooth out the fine-lines that I'm beginning to develop, and with continued use it does brighten up that area considerably. I think that with all of these Caudalie products, it is when you consitently use them that you begin to notice the biggest improvements in your skin. I am notoriously bad at remembering to use an eye cream, but it was during the weeks where I stuck to my skincare routine that I was most happy with the appearance of my skin. If, like me, you're beginning to develop fine lines around your eyes, then this type of scientifically-proven formula will offer you the most for your money and time. 

onelittlevice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

I also have been using the Caudalie Vine Activ Overnight Detox Oil(£30.00) and this is the only VineActiv product that wasn't a new release. However, as the VineActiv range doesn't feature a specified night cream, this detox oil is a very suitable companion for this VineActive skincare regime. From my photos just how much of this oil I've used, and I've been really happy with the results. I've tried many facial oils and this is among the best, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of product.

The Caudalie Detox Oil enjoys a really light texture that's quickly absorbed into the skin. You can't really feel it on the skin after use and it won't transfer onto you clothes or bedding. It's such a lovely, refined texture and it leaves my skin with a natural radiance and glow. I was initially worried by the name that it might break my skin out (in order to "detox" the pores) but it's nothing like that at all! Caudalie call it a "detox oil" simply because it helps neutralize toxins that pollute the cells in your skin and this is why it works well in combination with the other anti-pollution VineActiv products. Even if pollution isn't your main concern, this facial oil adds some real nourishment and hydration to the skin without overloading it with product. 

onelittlevice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

Overall, I have been really impressed with Caudalie's Vine Activ skincare range. I usually do a lot of mixing and matching with my skincare routine, but it felt nice to reach for a range of products that were all design to work together. I also found that all of the packaging was really functional without having to compromise in aesthetic appeal, and this balance is something that is important to me. 

I found that I finished the Vine Activ Serum well before I finished any of the other products, mainly because I was using it twice a day as part of both my morning and evening routine. I think that if I was to repurchase just one product from this range then it would definitely be the serum, because I feel as though it would allow you to incorporate the Vine Activ benefits into any skincare routine. However, I do think that these products work really nicely together and I would recommend them if you're 25-35 years old, or you live in a polluted city. 

I've been really impressed with Caudalie's Vine Activ skincare regime, and I will definitely look to the brand again for other products that might suit my age and skin type. From my experience with their products, they feel very high quality and from the results that I've seen I would describe them as good value for money.

one little vice beauty blog: caudalie vineactiv skincare review

All products marked with an asterisk (*) are PR samples

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