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October 22, 2015

(A Belated) September Non Beauty Favourites

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My blog "game" went from hero to zero this month as my posting schedule went completely out of the window. A couple of months ago I started a new job (I'm in the process of setting up my own business - which is terribly exciting but also very time consuming) and it's gotten in the way of everything recently! I've got a back-log of photographs and half-written posts which I just need to sit down and finally finish. I've had this one ready to write-up since the beginning of the month and now seems like the absolute latest I can leave it until this all becomes completely old news. So here you have it, a little (belated) round-up of some of my favourite non-beauty bits from the month of September.

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: september non beauty favourites

Scarlett London's Bloggers Festival

Scarlett is a seriously amazing and talented young woman who juggles full-time university studies, a successful blog as well as organising brand/blogger events twice a year. The Bloggers Festival was a really well planned and executed event that brought together some really lovely brands and gave bloggers a great opportunity to meet them all. I attended the event with my friends Eilish - from Eyelash in Wonderland - and Charlie - from Captain Ch-argh-ley - and we had a really fun afternoon together. The highlight for me was probably meeting the people behind Jewellery Box, who I've since had the opportunity to meet up with again at their pop-up shop in Brixton. However, all the brand representatives I spoke to were really friendly and I'd highly recommend Scarlett's events to fellow bloggers as well as brands. 

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: september non beauty favourites

It didn't take me long to crack into the foodie portion of my favourites! First up is a dish from Wagamamma which I'd never tried before but oh my gosh it's just delicious. I ususally opt for a noodle dish but I think I might actually be a rice convert, there's something about Wagammama's rice that's just undeiably more-ish! If you stop by one of their restaurants then I'd definitely recommend giving this a try.

My other food favourite from September was the "Pachos" from Baba G's Bhangra Burger's stall in Pop Brixton. Pachos are essentially nachos made from poppadoms, and these nachos were served with the most delicious chicken and home-made sauces. It's not a dish I'd ever thought about before but it's both fun and tasty - and perfect for sharing with a friend.

one little vice lifestyle blog: september non beauty favourites

I met Eilish this time last year and it's taken us a while to really bond. There's something about London - mainly the distances between where everyone lives - that makes it hard to meet up with new friends. But since the end of the summer Eilish and I have had some really fun evenings together and we've transitioned from blog acquaintances to "real life" friends. We had a great time on this particular evening at the Be At One in Clapham. If you've never been to Be At One then I'll do a very quick summary now; it's a cocktail bar chain in London that's got an extensive drinks menu with reasonable prices, especially if you download their "Appy Hour" app. We took full advantage of two-for-one drinks and tried a series of cocktails I'd never heard of before. It was a lovely evening and the staff in that particular branch always give wonderful customer service. 

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: september non beauty favourites

Sushi from Wasabi

Not everyone is a sushi fan, but to all sushi fans out there let's take a minute to bond about our shared appreciation of delicately prepared raw fish. Not only is it seriously tasty but I absolutely love how sushi looks, it's just so aethetically appealing and that's probably the main reason that I chose to include it in this round-up. Don't get me wrong, I love the sushi from Wasabi (if anything, I think their sushi has gotten better recently) but, barring supermarket sushi, nearly all sushi is delicious. 

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one little vice lifestyle blog: LF16

Teresita Orillac at London Fashion Week

One of my biggest "non beauty" favourites from September was being invited to Teresita Orillac's London Fashion Week show. Before I started blogging I really wasn't that interested in fashion or fashion week. When I was invited to the Felder Felder show back in the spring it really opened my eyes to everything I've been missing. It's not necessarily changed me outwardly, but I do now have so much more respect and admiration for people involved in the fashion industry - and I am now much more interested in the phenomenon of fashion week. As for the show itself, I really like Teresita Orillac's collection, it all looked incredibly wearable, and I loved the music! 

That concludes my seriously belated September favourites. I'm really going to get my blogging hat firmly back on my head and try to not only catch up with all my belated blog posts but to get back into posting regularly. Sorry for disappearing on you all for a little while - life just temporarily got in the way! 


  1. Beautiful event!
    thank you for sharing!

  2. I've always been curious about sushi, but I've never tried it. It looks yummy. :)


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