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February 24, 2016

ESPA Optimal Pro Skin Moisturiser Review

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ESPA's Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser* (£45.00) was released towards the end of 2015 and I've been trialling it for the last couple of months. I started using it at the beginning of December when my skin was much drier than normal, and I still had large area of dehydrated skin on my cheeks. Dehydration leaves my skin looking more red than normal and it also leaves it feeling more sensitive. The dryness I was experiencing led to flakiness on my nose and brow-bone, which made wearing make-up somewhat of a challenge as it always left my foundation looking patchy and unnatural. However, if you struggle with similar skincare issues then I think that you'll be very pleasantly surprised with what ESPA's optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser can do for your skin.

February 18, 2016

Kerastraight's Heat Protection Spray Review

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I use Kerastraight's Heat Protection Spray* (£19.00) all the time and I really do like using it. Heat protections sprays aren't the most glamorous of products to talk about but they're actually an incredibly important part of my beauty arsenal. When I don't use a heat protection spray you can really tell, my hair gets damaged far more quickly and my hair dresser gives me no end of grief about it! 

I regularly blow-dry my hair and, more often, I curl my hair using my hair straighteners. Before I do either of these things I really do try and remember to use Kerastraight's Heat Protection Spray* - I just visualise the lecture I'll get from my hairdresser if I don't. I spray about four sprays on either side of my head, usually spraying from about 30cm so that a fine layer of product is evenly distributed across my hair. I then have to wait a minute or so for the product to soak into my hair (the only downside of applying a wet product to dry hair) and then I get on with the business of heat styling.

I've been using Kerastraight's Heat Protection Spray* for about a year now (since January 2015) and I'm consistently happy with the results. It's never weighed down my fine hair or left it looking greasy, and I do really believe that it makes a difference to the health of my hair when I use it before heat styling. This being said, I haven't tried any other heat protection sprays since I began using it and I don't have a great deal of experience with other heat protectants so I can't compare it to many other products. However, from the strength of my own experience I would definitely recommend it as a product and I would repurchase it over the other heat protectants that I've used in the past. 

Look Fantastic stock Kerastraight's haircare range and regularly offer great discounts and deals, so if you're interested in trying anything from the brand then I'd point you in that direction.

February 13, 2016

One Single Pringle's Galentine's Day Pamper

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Today is Galentine's Day - Leslie's Knope's celebratory day for women to get together and celebrate. To honour of this made-up holiday I'm gathering the troops and celebrating the old fashioned way, with lots of delicious food... Once the food coma has well and truly hit I plan to retire to my bedroom and engage in the mother of all relaxing pamper sessions. [Pro tip: this pamper would also set you up nicely if you have Valentine's Day plans tomorrow; two birds, one stone!]


February 06, 2016

Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay Review

one little vice beauty blog: great face mask for combination skin.

I've been buying Origins' face masks for years, so I was pretty excited when they introduced the new Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (£23.00) last year. I didn't get around to trying it until Christmas (when the lure of the sales grew too strong for me to resist) but my oh my was I glad to finally try it for myself!

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