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February 25, 2017

My Current Haircare Routine

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A little while ago I wrote a blog post about Moroccan Oil and how I've been trying to take better care of my hair. I thought it might be helpful to add some context and detail my full haircare routine, as it's one part of my beauty regime that I'm actually really happy with.

February 22, 2017

Missoma Jewellery: Mixed First Impressions

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In the big competitive world of retailing, Missoma are doing so many things right. First off, they've got some key YouTube influencers on their side which means that I've heard their brand name and seen their jewellery countless times. To be honest with you, this is the main reason that I went on to buy something from them. I wanted to invest in some new earrings but I didn't know where to look, so I googled Missoma. I knew their name, it was easy to find their website, and I'd already heard countless recommendations from influencers that I trust. The marketing strategy clearly worked on me, and now I'm in the posession of a pair of Missoma's Silver Claw Amethyst Studs (RRP £49.00 / £12.35 on sale).

February 18, 2017

5 Mini Makeup Reviews

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There was a time on this blog where I used to post daily, and I was a lot quicker at reviewing the products that I was using and loving. Nowadays life is a bit more hectic, and posting twice a week is about as much as I can manage right now. In the spirit of not leaving anything out, today I thought I'd feature five of the new beauty products I've been using over the last couple of months and I'd talk you through what I liked (or didn't like) about them. I've tried to include a mix of products - because, honestly, given the chance I can rant and rave just about lipstick for hours - and I hope that you enjoy this post and that it's helpful to anyone looking to make some purchasing decisions. 

February 15, 2017

My Favourite Face Masks

one little vice beauty blog: best face masks for combination skin

I love face masks. Applying a face mask feels ritualistic, and wonderfully healing and restorative - a once-a-week chance to do my skin some special good. Marketeers jump on this bandwagon because it's great for sales, because what self-loving woman wouldn't want to quench her skin's thirst? Or to "bio-repair" and rejuvenate her skin? But so long as you're able to take any and all of these claims with a big pinch of salt, face masks and any other of sort of weekly treatments can be fun and still do your skin some good. Personally, I use face masks twice a week and for me they're very much connected with self-love and taking time away from my everyday worries. I apply my face masks whilst I run a bath, or at the end of the day before I go to bed. When I pick them up I know I'm about to take a moment to pamper myself in a way that I enjoy, and all of my favourite face masks do something wonderful for my skin. 

February 11, 2017

A Mango Must-Have: High Street Jewellery

I'm ususally not one to be swayed by highstreet jewellery. When it comes to accessories, I'm pretty focused on building up a considered and well-balanced designer/mid-range collection. However, sometimes you're online shopping and you just spot something that you know you need to have. I don't get this feeling very often, in fact I think the last time I felt this way was approximately 18 months ago when I first saw the Zara bag that looked just like a Gucci Soft Stirrup. I managed to scoop that baby up in the sale, and it has brought me great happiness ever since.


February 08, 2017

MissPrint Little Trees Bedding from John Lewis

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I stumbled across MissPrint's range of bedding back in November, during a weekend amble around John Lewis. MissPrint is a design company that produces printed materials (fabric, wallpaper and window-film) featuring hand-illustrated from co-founder Rebecca Drury. The brand's bedding, made from their most popular patterns, is exclusively available from John Lewis in a range of sizes.


February 04, 2017

My Tiffany Necklace Collection

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: sterling silver tiffany necklace review

When I was growing up Tiffany necklaces were the covetable item. Every time a milestone birthday came around, it would be a very safe bet that someone I knew would be unwrapping their very first little blue box; and I was no exception. On my sixteenth birthday I very gratefully received a Tiffany Open Heart Necklace from my dad, and I was smitten. It was everything I had wanted it to be, and I loved it dearly until it abruptly disappeared from my life.


February 01, 2017

My New L'Oreal Trio: Mini Makeup Reviews

onelittlevice beauty blog: l'oreal makeup reviews

What started this whole mini L'oreal haul was my hunt for a lipgloss. I adore the Mac Cremesheen Gloss formula but pre-Christmas I just wasn't in the mood to splurge on makeup as I'd overdone it on jewellery (keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Tiffany collection blog post). In the past I've read good things about L'Oreal's Infallible Gloss collection and so I set out to swatch some of their cream colours. The stand in my local Superdrug only had two shades in L'Oreal's Cream formulation (which is quite similar to Mac's Cremesheen Gloss formulation) and I ended up buying one of them. I chose L'Oreal's Infallible Cream Finish Mega Gloss in Shade 110 / I Got the Power (£6.99) and I think it might just be the perfect nude lipgloss. It feels thick and plumping without being too heavy or greasy, and I think that the colour would suit many skin tones. I also love the applicator, which delivers a great amount of product onto the lips and makes it easy to achieve an even and neat finish. Honestly, I think that it's great value for money and I'd definitely consider purchasing another shade of these Infallible Mega Glosses if I found another cream shade that I liked.

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