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February 16, 2013

REVIEW: Witch Cleasing and Toning Face Wipes

great face wipes for oily or combination skin not too harsh

I received these in face wipes in a goody bag and was quite pleased as I've stopped buying face wipes but have always wanted to try Witch's because I've used other products of theirs in the past and they've never disappointed. My only concern regarding these was that they might be too strong for my skin or might irritate my eye area. The good news is they didn't, but I only had 10 wipes to use so I haven't been able to do a very long trial of these. I have the feeling that over time they might dry out my skin a little bit, not a problem for my t-zone but my cheeks really don't need to be dried out any more than they are! Overall, I liked the product, these wipes weren't too dry, they weren't rough and they weren't too strong. They did remove make-up well but I personally wouldn't really want to use these on my eye area every day and as this is where I wear most of my day-to-day make-up these wouldn't be something that I'd incorporate into my everyday routine. But if you like using face wipes and want to use some that really feel like they're cleaning your skin well then I'd recommend giving these a try. 

These are available in Superdrug stores or online for £2.99 for a pack of 25*.



  1. I quite like Witch cosmetics, might have to give them a go if I decide to purchase some face wipes. I'm pretty much always really good and use a proper cleanser though!
    Katie xx

  2. I used up mine from the goodybag and went out and bought some more! I didn't find them particularly drying and I have dry skin :)




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