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May 31, 2013

Guest Post: My Top Face Mask Picks

hydrate deep cleanse and exfoliating options

Up today is another guest post, this time over on Shang's wonderful blog, The Feminine Crusade, all about my top face mask picks. Cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating, all the boxes are ticked in this selection and each of them come with my recommendation! I hope you give the post a read [link here], I love face masks and I had a lot to say about these ones. If you do give it a read then I hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a favourite face mask?



  1. I've just bought both the Super Facialist ones, I'm looking forward to giving them a go! xo

  2. The Super Facialist ones sounds fab, i've read a few reviews on them. I don't tend to have a favourite facemask, I like to experiment and try as many as I can xx

  3. I’ve had the laid bare one for a while but haven’t tried it yet. Great blog post, I found you via Shang’s blog :-)

  4. I have the laid bare face mask and i love it! Great post.
    Just followed you via GFC :)
    FashionProject x


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