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May 08, 2013

REVIEW: The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

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I don't know whether it's my impending graduation or the fact that my 21st birthday is looming in the ever nearing future, but lately I've been getting more and more concerned with taking better care of my skin. During the last few month's I've started using an eye cream every night (I would have used this in the mornings too if it had SPF). Initially it was in the hopes of reducing my dark circles (which sadly the Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream hasn't really helped with) but eventually it became more than that. I don't know about all of you but I for one really love my skin. I know it isn't perfect but I really do love it, flaws and all. I want to feel this way forever, I always want to be happy in the skin I'm in. But ageing... it really does strike a certain degree of fear in me. Television, magazines, billboards, adverts at bus stops, everywhere is imagery of perfect faces, young or old. I know it isn't possible to attain, let alone maintain, that sort of 'photo-shopped' perfection but it does set the bar quite high. With this in my mind, I've definitely been making much more of a concerted effort to stick to a strict, and thorough, skincare regime.

Anyway! The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream has been a part of my routine since January, this small tube has lasted really, really well. It's a lovely and gentle moisturizer but it's still incredibly hydrating. I've found that it's definitely improved the feel of the skin around my eyes, which has become softer and smoother. I don't, however, have much in the way of fine lines or wrinkles so can't really comment on it's effectiveness at improving them. I'm just hoping that this is a good preventative as I do feel as though it's keeping the skin around my eyes really soft and supple. Although I've enjoyed using this, and I do think that it's incredibly good value for money, I won't be repurchasing this straight away. I really do need a product that improves my dark circles, which have gotten worse and worse in the last few months. I love this eye cream but ideally I'm looking for something that will at least help my dark circles a little bit. I would still recommend the Vitamin E Eye Cream if you want something that will really hydrate and nourish your skin, and if I ever find that the skin around my eyes is in need of intense hydration then I'd definitely go back to using this.

For now at least I can say that I'm really happy that I tried this eye cream and it was a great product to start with, but I'm definitely going to be swapping this out of my routine in the near future for something that helps will more of my skin's needs.  But if you have dry or tight skin, or want something that will intensely smooth your skin, then this little beauty is a great value product that (at £10, available here) I'd recommend giving this a try.

What eye cream do you use? Do you know anything that might help my dark circles?



  1. This sounds like a great product for younger skin, but like you I need something a bit more heavy duty, well I think I do anyway. I have just finished Estee Lauder ANR eye serum and I would recommend it although its super pricey, but my under eye circles and general darkness has improved a lot since I've been using it .. but obviously whether it's all down to that I don't know! xx

  2. This is exactly how I feel about my current eye cream, I don't have wrinkles or fine lines yet so I can't tell if it works with that. I'm eh about it. I won't be picking this up if you say it doesn't help dark circles.

  3. I'm also just lately realising that I have to take better care of the area around my eyes. Hell, we're getting old ;)! This sounds like an amazing product and will definitely check it out. Thanks :)!


  4. Im in the market for an eye cream too but i need one that will help with the rozacea that i have under my eyes. But vitamin E is suppose to promote healing so maybe it'll help.

    What would you recommend?
    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. Sosososoooo glad you reviewed this!! I had this in my cart a few weeks ago but took it out because I was unsure. I think I'll definitely be purchasing it because I don't have much dark circles but want something to improve the skin under my eyes.
    I've been bitten by a bit of a frenzy too. I love how fresh my skin looks now that it's young so I'm fearing getting old and have been looking into more "natural" or gentle skin care.

  6. I really think I should start using an eyecream! xx

  7. I used to use this all the time but have since moved on to another product. I loved it when I used it and loved how it made my eye area look x

  8. Lovely review, I'm on the lookout for a new eye cream, and this one sounds lovely. I think I might have to add it onto my wishlist. xx

    Danielle | Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  9. This looks really good, I use a fantastic one from Melvita's Rose Nectar range. xx

  10. I am actually just about to purchase this today! I have never used eyecreams before but this looks wonderful! :) xx


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