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May 18, 2013

REVIEW: Eve of St. Agnes Revive and Renew Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish

I often struggle to find an exfoliater that is both effective and yet gentle enough not to aggravate my skin. I've succeeded only once before [review here] and today I finally have a second product to share with you!

I was very kindly sent this Exfoliating Polish to review and I didn't initially know what to expect, other than that it was recommended for my skin type which is combination. When it arrived it was in a really gorgeous glass jar and looked so luxurious and I wasn't at all disappointed when I opened it as the product really lives up to the packaging. It's a thick white cream with really tiny exfoliating particles in it and they provide really effective exfoliation but they're sparse enough throughout the cream to not be too harsh on the skin. These tiny particles are actually microdermabrasion grade bamboo particles. The cream they're in feels incredibly soft and nourishing and it contains shea butter and rosehip oil (famously good for red and sensitive skin) and these ingredients really help the product achieve a balance between exfoliation and nourishment.

A little bit of this Exfoliating Polish goes a long way. In the last photo above I've shown about as much would be needed if you only wanted to exfoliate your t-zone, if you wanted to use it all over your face I would double that. I've used this on my cheeks, which are usually incredibly sensitive and slightly on the dry side, and it felt just as comfortable being used on them as it did on my skin or nose. This is a rare occurrence and made me take instant notice of this product as something that was going to be pretty special in my skin care routine. After you use the Exfoliating Polish you're left with the smoothest skin, for me it was really a great improvement between before and after use. I noticed the difference right away and the following day when I applied my make-up I noticed that my skin was visibly more even. 

The Eve of St Agnes website [link here] describes this as a product for sensitive skin, and I would agree with that. The ingredients are just all round really great and I'm really impressed with Eve of St. Agnes. They're a new brand on my radar but they're definitely one to take note of. This exfoliater costs £18* for 50ml and comes in a really gorgeous box and glass jar. I think any of this brand's products would make a good gift and if you have sensitive skin then I'd definitely recommend it as my experience with the product has been thoroughly positive.

Do you like the sound of this Exfoliating Polish? What's your favourite exfoliater?



  1. This sounds lovely! I'm trying to wean myself off super-scrubby exfoliators because I know they're damaging my skin, so I may have to give this a go! Great review :)

    Jess xo

  2. I very rarely use a physical exfoliator because of my sensitive skin, but sometimes it feels lovely on the skin have something with gentle scrubby bits, I like the sound of this brand, great review :) x

  3. I hardly ever use a 'proper' exfolitiaor because they just hurt my skin. This sounds decent though, for the sensitive little soul that I am x

    Amy / srslylou

  4. This sounds lovely. I have been trying a cleanser from this range & love it. x

  5. This looks really lovely! I've got my eye on this brand! :)


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