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July 25, 2013

Tackling the Beauty Lurkers

raiding shopping the stash

Although it might come across as otherwise, I really do try and avoid impulse purchasing. Whenever I buy things on a "whim" they tend to become beauty lurkers. What I mean by this is that they end up sitting about my room being aesthetically enjoyed but never being put to the use that they were intended for. My beauty lurkers tend to be "hyped" products or products that sounds appealing to me because they're really cute or simply because they're a novelty. I've pictured five products in the image above and all of these are at the top of my lurk-list - I want to use them! I have to use them, to save myself from the otherwise nagging guilt! I've recently started a spending ban (I'm on day seventeen!) to try and stop these sorts of problems and now I'm going to make a concerted effort to spread the love across the whole of my beauty collection.

Number one on the list is Topshop's Lip Bullet in Heartbeat. I picked this up during a period of Topshop mania and although I really like it (it's creamy and opaque in one swipe) the colour is a very loud orange and after wearing it a couple of times I started to chicken out! Since then I haven't reached for it and I feel bad because I purchased it full price and it's a great product. Come on confidence, it's bright lip o'clock!

Second on my list is Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in Tempting Turquoise. After a brief love affair with blue mascara I abandoned wearing blue for ages, when I saw this turquoise colour it looked so on trend. I picked it up because I thought I could look really hip and summer-y with a wash of blue around my eyes. It does look nice but it is so out of my neutral comfort zone and I've only used it once.. I'm going to be giving this way more of a try in the coming weeks.

Ah, the L'Oreal Confetti Topcoat. When this came out I couldn't find it anywhere, for weeks and weeks! So when I finally saw it on the Superdrug website I don't even remember buying it - it was just instantly, thoughtlessly, added to my basket. I've used it a few times and I really do love how it looks but it really hasn't gotten as much use as I would have liked. It'll be adorning my nails soon!

Next up is a Maybelline offering, it's the 24hr Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe. I own a few of these now, and they were all inspired by On and On Bronze which is honestly the most stunning colour, especially for blue eyes I find. Permenant Taupe is the only other 'neutral' colour I picked out and of the bunch it looks like it should be the most wearable. However, I actually find it a bit muddy and it closes my eyes up a bit. I'm hoping to play around with this a bit to find some sort of way to use it (even if it is just as a base) and maybe I'll do a FOTD when I find something I like.

Lastly, and this was really quite an indulgence, is a Christmas limited edition from L'Occitane, the Marvelous Flowers Shimmering Oil. I rediscovered this when I was lusting after the Nuxe Multi Use Dry Oil and was wondering whether I could justify the price - well, no Angelica, you can't, not when you have a high quality dupe already. It's a really hydrating body oil, but it is full of shimmer! I love putting this all over me when I'm off on a night out but those are few and far between at the moment so I've found a new use for it. I've started using this on my decolletage in the evenings as a sort of delicate, hydrating (and hopefully anti-ageing?) product. No Nuxe for me until I get through it! 

It has just occured to me that this post is quite similar to 'shopping the stash' posts but I refer to products like these as beauty lurkers anyway so I think I'll keep my title! Maybe this will become a series, who knows. I have a lot of beauty products that I've never talked about before and most of them deserve a little more attention.

Do you have any beauty products lurking in your collection?



  1. haha this is so true! I have several things just like this that have never been used (which is so so bad!) fab post x

  2. Yep I have a few of these lurking somewhere, I should really start using them! x

  3. You're not alone, I have a lot of lurkers, some of them I just can't part with even though I know I'll never use them.

    Good luck with your spending ban.

  4. I have a lot of those... lol. The blue shadow pencil is sooo pretty!

  5. I have few as well. Most of them are lipsticks. I pick bright colors all the time and I'm too shy to wear those.. I do wear lots of blue on eyes tho.

  6. I've been so curious about the Topshop Lipstick bullets. They look so funny xx

  7. I still haven't tried any topshop lip products I really should! have u tried the 24h in Pink gold? AMAZING!
    Hannah :) x

  8. I've had the same problems with Permenant Taupe! And i've my eye on the pomegranate one, but i'm worried it will turn out the be the same!

  9. I have so many beauty lurkers! I really need to dig them out and get them used! great name :)

  10. that turqoise scandalous eyes is amazing! but i tend to stay to a neutral convert zone too...


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