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July 24, 2013

A Disappointing Product: Garnier Moisture Match (Normal to Dry Skin)

Today's post is a nice contrast to yesterday's post - I feel like I have to give you everything in equal measure! Before I begin I think it is worth knowing that I picked up this Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser with absolutely no expectations. My purchase was entirely down to Garnier's, obviously successful, advertising campaign - coupled by the fact that this was on offer at the time. I also didn't use this (on my face) for the length of time that I usually trial skincare products due to the reaction that it had with my skin. 

I came home for university for about ten days in June and I left my lovely L'Occitane night cream in Leeds and I needed something to use whilst I was at home. Cue the purchase of this Garnier Moisture Match, and I chose the 'Normal to Dry Skin' version because I thought this would be the best for night time use out of the range. Sadly, it almost instantly broke me out. I almost never have this reaction to skincare products so I was pretty annoyed but what is worse is that this really aggravated my dry cheeks, leaving them pretty red and 'angry' looking. Once this happened (it took a couple of days) I decided to stop using it on my face but as it hadn't affected the skin on my neck at all I kept on using it on my neck. I don't know if my reaction to this product was a 'one off' as I know that my skin is definitely sensitive but I've used Garnier moisturisers (and other 'highstreet' moisturisers as well) in the past and I've never had this reaction before!

Lastly, time to be a little bit mean now, I'd also like to take a moment to point out how cheap the packaging looks. These moisturisers look so cute on shop shelves because they come in nice, thick cardboard boxes that are really wonderfully designed. However, the packaging of the actual product is very plain and looks very cheap. The only positive aspect of the packaging is that it is a squeezey tube making it hygienic to use (compared to typical 'pots' of moisturiser). All in all I was left very disappointed! I was hoping to like this and to maybe pick up the version for oily skin but now I can safely say that I won't be trying any of the other moisturisers in the line. Sorry Garnier, this product just wasn't for me. 

Have you tried any of Garnier's Moisture Match Moisturisers?



  1. I have yet to try any of these moisturisers! Annoying that it didn't work out for you! But thanks for your honest opinion!

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele-Marie | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  2. I got few samokes of these Garnier new moisturisers, but wouldn't put these on my face, they are full of chemicals and most of the ingredients you can't even pronounce. Thank you for the review, that proves my point again :)

    Maris | Beauty Bubble Blog

  3. I always react really badly to Garnier products and suffered bad breakouts from this particular product too! :( I'm not a fan of Garnier at all, I tend to stick with Nivea for good hydrating moisturisers!

    Love, Hails x |

  4. Oh goodness, this sounds so horrid! You pointed out exactly why I never got a tube of this range of crap, the packaging! I mean really, come on! It looks like a cat sicked it up (too far?) xx

    Amy /

  5. I really like the Garnier daily tanners so I'm not averse to them per se but I found these moisturisers to be awful too! The oily skin one is gross, a really weird, lumpy texture that just feels horrid!

    Rebecca x

  6. I tried the yellow one and really liked it. I felt it did what it said it would do, however I then tried another one (pink I think) and felt it did nothing for me.

  7. I actually tried this moisturiser & personally, I loved it. It really hydrated my skin & made my face feel super soft! I guess these products dont work for everyone :)

    Tinkie Beauty | Beauty Blog

  8. I have just purchased and tried the moisture match for normal skin in the yelliw tube, i have had a nasty reaction and have a very red tight face. I threw out the packaging so unsure on chemicals that i have reacted too. I have never had a reaction to a moisturiser before.


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