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July 08, 2013

Discovering Lee Stafford: Poker Straight Dehumidifier and Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

I'm not usually one to do much experimenting when it comes to hair products but I did recently decide to branch out a little bit and give a couple of new products a try. Lee Stafford is a brand that I've seen grace many a blog and with their shiny in-your-face pink packaging I can't say that I haven't noticed their products when I've bopped into Boots. I've recently started using heat on my hair again (I occasionally straighten it and since I was given a hair dryer for my birthday I have also been using that) and so I was in need of some heat protection. Enter Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range, I decided to pick up a couple of travel sizes and the Flat Iron Protection Mist didn't make its way into my basket alone. Oh no, I couldn't help myself and decided to give the Dehumidifer Spray a try as well. 

Long story short, this pair works really well together. The heat protection spray has done a great job of keeping my hair healthy without gunking it up and making it look or feel heavy or greasy. The spray produces a wonderful fine mist of product that covers large areas of hair lightly, which I think is a key factor to most hair products.Whilst the Dehumidifier Spray has worked wonders in this weirdly humid London weather to keep my hair straight and frizz free throughout the day. The Dehumidifier spray is akin to a very light hairspray so I don't think it is a complete game changer but it definitely is a good product and one that I'll be purchasing in the fullsize. I'm also really happy with the heat protection spray and will definitely be repurchasing this in the future. All in all, this was a very happy accident as I didn't do any research and was completely influenced by the glitzy packaging! I always suggest trying hair product minis wherever possible because everybody's hair is different and otherwise it is so easy to waste your money. Sadly, I can't find these minis on the Boots' website but they are still in Boots stores! The full sizes both have an RRP of £5.99 and I personally bought my minis for £1.99 each (as part of a 3 for 2 offer).

What heat protection products do you use? 



  1. I hate the smell of Lee Stafford, absolutely bloody despise it haha xxx

  2. I used to have this but was so disappointed as it left my hair feeling greasy :( x

  3. I loved using lee stafford when I was blonde as I found their toning hot shots and shampoo amazing! The smell of the products is like the marmite of the hair care world however, you either love it or hate it! (I loved it)might have to delve back into their products now. megan x


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