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July 03, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum and Vitamin E Moisture Serum

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Serums have been a relatively recent introduction into my skincare regime (although this post is quite a bit overdue!) but since I started using them I've noticed that my skin is smoother, more hydrated and generally feels and looks better. Like many people venturing into a new skincare are, I didn't really know where to start. I've read about some of hyped products (*ahem* Hydraluron, I'm looking at you) and although I have fallen for the hype and indulged in some rather expensive serum I tried out two far more affordable serums before doing so. This is where The Body Shop's Aloe Protective Serum and Vitamin E Moisture Serum come into the spotlight. Each come in at an affordable £11 (made much more affordable during The Body Shop's many sales and offers, I picked mine up for £5.50 each) and last for ages. Of the two I definitely favoured the Aloe Protective Serum and as a result I'm closer to finishing it, than the Vitamin E Moisture Serum, but even so it has lasted six weeks of use in both the morning and evening and I probably have two - three weeks of product left. And, if I lay all my cards down on the table, I've probably been a little bit generous in my use of these- but hey ho, I was new to the world of serums! 

On to the nitty gritty stuff. Both of these serums were suitable for use on my sensitive skin and neither aggravated my oily t-zone. The texture of the Aloe Protective Serum is different from theVitamin E Moisture Serum; both have a gel texture but the Aloe Protective Serum is slightly thicker and slightly creamier whilst the Vitamin E Moisture Serum is closer to being a liquid. Both absorb very quickly into the skin, however, I feel as though the Aloe Protective Serum gives more of an instant result- to the touch, it leaves skin smoother. However, in terms of noticing improvement over long term use (I used the Aloe Protective Serum for six weeks and the Vitamin E Moisture Serum for three weeks), both serums worked well at improving the hydration levels of my skin and I think played a part in improving my oily skin whilst I was using them. I would definitely recommend either of these as I think they're both very good products, especially for the price. However, if I were to recommend one over the other it would have to be the Aloe Protective serum. The feel of the product as well the the ingredients (it has fewer ingredients and, unlike the Vitamin E Moisture Serum, doesn't contain any parabens, fragrance or  added preservatives) makes it seem as though you're using a really luxurious product. 

Although I am currently trialing Hydraluron I do intend to revert to using the Aloe Protective Serum in the future as it is really good quality and, in my opinion, great value for money. If you're looking for a purse friendly serum that not only works but works very well then these two products are definitely worth your attention. You can find them for £11 in The Body Shop stores or online here and here.

Do you use a serum? 



  1. Great post, I haven't tried any serums yet, really want to try the Vitamin E one!

  2. I haven't tried any serums yet but I really want to try a vitamin c one. next time the body shop has an amazing deal will have to pick up this aloe one as well!

  3. I haven't tried either of these but I do use and love the serum they do in the seaweed line! It's so good at evening out my skins oil. I'd love to try out the Aloe one though it sounds great :)

    Sarah x

  4. I'm using Dr Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum at the moment and really loving it :) it's the first one I've tried


  5. I'm using hydraluron at the moment which is pretty nice, these look really interesting! I already use the vitamin e moisturiser so maybe the serum would be a good combination to add to it! xxx

  6. I'm currently using up the last of the Vitamin E serum and I've got the Aloe one waiting to be used! Your review has definitely made me think I made the right choices x

  7. I really like the body shop, I know its got a lot of criticism lately after being taken over but i still like it! :)

  8. I love the Vitamin E range, although I hate buying in store from TBS I always have a bad experience with overly pushy sales persons :(


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