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November 23, 2014

A-Derma: Skincare for "Difficult" Skin

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For the last month I've been trialling A-Derma's skincare range for sensitive, eczema prone skin and I have to say - whole heartedly and with no reservations - that it is a wonderful, wonderful range. I have a really awkward skin-type - it's combination (with starkly dry and oily areas) and it's sensitive - and I've found it difficult to find products that work for all my skin issues. However, I found that the A-Derma products that I've been trialling have really helped to keep my skin soft and smooth with very, very few dry patches (when I'd normally by this point in the year be struggling with almost painfully dry and red cheeks). I've had a couple of problems with spots this month but this is entirely due to hormonal breakouts. Other than this, my skin has been a real dream this month and these products have definitely played a big hand in that. I'll give you a low down on my experience with each product below.

available from Escentual for £13.00*
I found this micellar water gentle whilst still being effective. I don't think that it is the best micellar water I've ever tried but works brilliantly at removing makeup and gently cleansing skin. I'd definitely recommend it to those with sensitive or dry skin, or just anyone looking for a gentle way to remove their makeup including stubborn (although not Benefit They're Real levels of stubborn) eye makeup.

for fragile normal to combination skin, available from Escentual for £14.50*
This is a wonderful moisturiser to use in the morning. It has a very light consistency but offers a good deal of hydration coupled with SPF protection. It works really well under makeup and it's definitely the daytime moisturiser that I've been using the most this month. I found that it didn't leave my t-zone oily throughout the day but kept my cheeks from getting too dry - a perfect product for difficult skin types. This is my second favourite product out of the four.

for normal to combination reactive skin, available from Escentual for £15.50*
Because I've been getting on so well with the Hydralba Light Hydrating Cream and Nturialba Nourishing Cream, the RheaCalm Light Soothing Cream has taken a bit of a backseat and I haven't used it as much as the other products. That being said, it has a really nice consistency - light, but very hydrating - and because it doesn't contain SPF it can be used in both the morning and the evening. Additionally, it is the only moisturiser of the three I tried that isn't scented making it more suitable for those whose skin is sensitive to fragrance. 

for fragile and delicate skin, available from Escentual for £20.00*
This is my favourite of the bunch. It's a really rich and hydrating evening moisturiser but it isn't at all heavy. It straddles a fine line and it gets it so right. I found it perfect for my skin - it isn't going to be what very, very dry skin types need but it works well for those who get dry or tight patches and want something to help even out their skin's needs. Again, it didn't aggravate my skin or give me spots and it didn't leave my t-zone oilier. I really, really need to stress how much I like this. If you have very dry skin then this is also available in a thicker and more nourishing version.

Have you tried anything from A-Derma before? What skincare products are you using at the moment?



  1. This product range sounds really effective for sensitive skin, thanks for the recommendation!


  2. These products sound great! I have really awkward skin as well; dry in some places, oily T-zone and very sensitive! xxx


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