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November 15, 2014

The Body Shop Instablur Primer and Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream Review

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I've had these two products from The Body Shop in my collection since the beginning of the summer (May…) and because of my blogging hiatus I just haven't gotten around to talking about them! I've been using The Body Shop's InstaBlur Primer as my general day-to-day primer when I want to extend the wear time of my make-up. I think that it's a real stand-out in The Body Shop's makeup range (and trust me, I've tried a bit of everything) and I would definitely repurchase it over Benefit's PoreFessional. It works in the same way as PoreFessional only it is clear rather than a nude shade. It works very well on my combination skin, it doesn't make my skin oily or dry (I feel like it evens out my skin) and it really helps me achieve a flawless looking base. Part of this is due to the fact that it smoothes over my pores and really helps improve my ability to conceal blemishes.

 The Body Shop's Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream is another good product, it's thick, creamy and very easy to blend,  especially when you apply it with a make-up brush (I like to use Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush). I think it's probably one of my favourite BB Creams to wear, my only concern is that it doesn't do oily skin too many favours and I need to apply powder when I wear it. I would also recommend that you test out the colour in store before purchasing. I have shade 01 which is the lightest shade and it is really quite light, much lighter than the lightest shade in The Body Shop's other BB Cream (which I found too dark for me). That being said, the lightest shade of the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream is actually a bit too light for me and ideally I would purchase shade 02 so I could mix the two together to get my perfect colour. 

All in all, I'm really impressed with both of these and I'd definitely recommend them - especially the primer as I think it could be used by everyone whereas the BB Cream has a more limited appeal as it only comes in 3 shades and, as a result, won't suit everyone. 

Have you tried either of these? What products from The Body Shop would you recommend?



  1. Love their primer so keen to try the BB cream now! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  2. I always wanted to try this bb cream!

    Missmacbeauty | Missmacbeauty


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