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November 10, 2014

How To Apply Mascara: Tips and Tricks

Mascara Tips for Beginners

Do you want some tips on how to apply mascara? When it comes to learning how to apply makeup I find "how-to" guides useful so I've put together a 5 step guide on how to apply mascara. I'm not an expert but I thought I'd share how I do it. I hope you find my tips helpful!

Choose the right sort of mascara for you
There are a lot of different mascaras to choose between but they all tend to roughly fall into one of two categories: volumising and lengthening (only a few good ones fall into both). You need to pick which type you prefer (I usually opt for lengthening mascaras for the daytime and volumising for the evening). There are also different types of mascara "wands" (another word for brush) to choose between. In the above photo I have pictured two different sorts - both are plastic brushes but one is thick (good for volumising) and the other is thin (good for lengthening). The only real way to find out what sort of brush you prefer is through trial and error, not everyone prefers the same sort of wand for the same reasons. 

how to mascara

Hold the brush properly

My next tip - which may seem very basic but it is still very important - is to hold the brush properly. The end of the mascara wand (which is usually the smallest part) should be used on the eye lashes on your inner eye. This helps the wand catch every eyelash. Then, when you apply a second coat of mascara you could change the direction of the wand so that the small part of the brush can catch the outer eyelashes (I'll return to this in a moment).

mascara tips

Wiggle the brush from root to tip

The way I apply mascara is by holding the mascara wand at the root of my eyelashes and then very gently wiggling the wand upwards so that they are coated in mascara evenly. If you wiggle your brush from root to tip you also get the benefit of the lifting motion, which helps add a little bit of extra curl to your lashes.

Repeat that wiggle motion

Once you have applied one coat of mascara you might want to wait a moment before adding another - this will add more product to your lashes. This is when you might consider turn the brush around to catch the outer lashes, which is what I do. I then simply repeat the wiggle motion a second time, gently lifting my lashes as the wand moves from root to tip.

How to Mascara

Catch the stragglers and tidy up

You're almost finished, but perhaps you haven't quite covered your outer or inner eyelashes? Or perhaps there is a bit of mascara on your inner eye or eyelid? Don't worry! I usually clean the mascara wand off on a tissue (or use a clean mascara wand) and then brush my lashes through one more time to separate them and to catch any lashes I might have missed. If I've got any mascara where it shouldn't be (which I often do) I use a cotton bud (a Q-tip), dip it in a liquid make-up remover such as a micellar water (although you can just use water) and gently dab the make-up until it is removed.

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  1. Those are lovely tips!! I would add to really try a lot of different ones, especially from the drugstore, which I think excels in the mascara department.
    Julia | Wing me a dream

  2. Great advice! I also tend to go for lengthening mascaras for daytime :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  3. Great tips! I like lenghtening mascaras better, I think they are more natural.

    Fabi |

  4. Great tips, and yes, some may seem basic and common sense but I often forget!

    Reflection of Sanity

  5. Great tips! It sounds silly but I didn't do the wiggle motion until embarrassingly recently! I prefer the plastic/rubber wands for some reason and I like lengthening for day and volume for night :)

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  6. great advice... thanks!

  7. I do find your tip helpful.....thank u!

    From Jing at

  8. Great post! Im still on the hunt for my perfect mascara! xx

  9. Great advice! Strangely, I've never thought of turning around the mascara wand but it makes total sense to do that, so I will be trying that out!

    I also apply mascara to the tops of my lashes too. I'm quite small so most people look down at me and only see the tops of my lashes! So that's probably my top tip :)

    Miss Beauty Saver / Instagram

  10. So glad it isn't just me who brushes their lashes!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. Great post, I really needed this tips, I am not good with mascara at all. thanks.

  12. Ooh getting a clean brush to get the inner lashes is a good idea! I never get those stragglers lol



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