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April 08, 2015

Some of my Favourite Shower and Body Oils

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Today's post is a bit of a random one - I sort of inadvertantly mixed in shower oils with one lone body oil. Basically, I use a lot of oils - facial oils, body oils, shower oils etc. If I had a bath, I have no doubt that I'd also use bath oils! I had a look through the cupboard in my bathroom which is where I keep most of my particulalry gorgeous bodycare and I sort of just of gathered some of my favourites together because I wanted to talk about them. 

I first featured this Bath and Shower Oil in January when I went through a fortnight of being really quite ill. I remember how much better I would feel after I used this shower oil - tipping a capful over my body before stepping under really warm water. Whenever I reach for it now I still have that same experience of just immediately feeling better. I don't personally think it does much for my skin, but it really is one of those products that has an emotional and psychological effect on me. I've come to associate the smell and the experience of using this oil with feeling happier and more refreshed - and although it's an expensive product it works out as cheaper per use than the majority of Lush's bath bombs. I'd much rather invest in one of Aromatherapy Associates' Oils that I can use over and over again, maybe my tastes are maturing!

If shaving is one of your principle methods of hair removal then you need to invest in L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil. I've been repurchasing it for the last three years because I have never had a smoother shave than when I used this oil. It leaves your skin incredibly smooth and undoes some of the harm that shaving does to sensitive skin. Under water the oil lathers beautifully and has a rich scent that pervades the entire bathroom. I must admit that I use this even when I'm not shaving in place of a shower gel, it makes for a seriously indulgent shower... and sometimes you just need one of those to cheer yourself up. 

Now we're verging into multi-purpose product territory. Monu advertise this oil as a body oil, and you can use it like that but I found it a bit too oily and rich for my skin. However, it makes for an excellent shower oil and if you're a fan of ginger - and I must admit that it's really, really growing on me - then you will adore this. I use it in a similar way to the Aromatherapy Associates' Oil rather than the L'Occitane Oil, although I haven't actually tried to use it as a shaving oil so it might just work like that too. 

 The newbie in my line-up, but it was absolutely love at first application. This body oil is fabulous! It's indulgent in terms of the price, but it leaves my skin absolutely beautifully soft. I apply it to damp skin after I've showered and it just absorbs so quickly leaving behind the softest skin I could ever hope for. I really was impressed! The only downside is that when it's cold the oil solidifies making it impossible to use. My solution is to hold the bottle under my shower head when I'm nearly finished showering. The heat melts enough of the oil for me to use once I get out of the shower. Obviously, this isn't an idea solution but I think that the body oil is so good that I don't mind having to remember this little extra step.

Have you tried any of these oils? Do you like using shower or body oils?



  1. I haven't used shower oils yet, but I just finally ventured into the world of shower lotions. I am seriously in love with them! Maybe I should try one of the new oils you love.

  2. I bloomin' love the L'Occitane shower oil! The scent is just divine and it feels so luxurious to use xx

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  3. I've used body oils before, preferably Weleda, but not shower oils. I am always worried that they would leave my shower cubicle really slippery??


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