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April 15, 2015

Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance Hair Dryer Review

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onelittevice uk beauty blog: affordable hair dryer boots

A couple of months ago my old hairdryer went caput and I was left without one for just over a month.  I found it quite hard to pick a new one as there as so many to choose between and I wanted to make sure I invested my money in something that would last longer than my last one! After seeing the quality of Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance Curlers* first hand, I decided that I'd pick up Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance Hair Dryer. I really trust Vidal Sassoon as a brand so I was more than happy to invest in one of their hair styling products - and I'm really happy to report that I haven't been let down!

what hairdryer to buy from boots: onelittlevice uk beauty blog
one little vice uk beauty blog: boots hairdryer review

First off, I'd just like to say how aesthetically appealing this hair dryer is! I bought mine online from Boots and was really happy when it arrived. It's incredibly easy to use and considering how sturdy it feels it's actually incredibly lightweight. The buttons are all very well placed too, so you won't accidentally blast cool air or change the heat setting half way through your blowdry.

boots hair dryer review: one little vice beauty blogone little vice uk beauty blog: affordable drugstore hair dryer

Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance Hair Dryer comes with two attachements - a diffuser (for achieving defined curls) and a cocnentrator (for achieving smooth straight hair). You can also the dryer without either of the attachments for a quicker, rougher blow dry, which is perfect when you're in a rush or when you want to add some volume to your hair. Personally, I prefer to use the Concentrator attachment and I blow dry my hair on the lowest heat setting to reduce heat damage. I find that even on a lower heat setting than I'm used to my hair is dry quickly and it looks unbelievably smooth and shiny. I've actually had compliments on how shiny it's been looking recently and I definitely think that Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance technology is to thank for this.

The Infra Radiance Technology is supposed to help deliver hear more evenly across the hair, reducing frizz and speeding up drying whilst maintaining the natural moistuire balance of your hair. I definitely think that there's something to this as it leaves my hair looking infintiely more "done" than my last hair dryer ever did, and my hair dries more quickly despite using a lower heat. In short, I'm a total Infra Radiance Convert. I really love this hair dryer and I think it was a fabulous investment! I bought mine on offer at Boots for £29.99 but it's full retail price is £49.99 - but if you keep your eyes peeled you can often find it at the lower discounted price.

Have you tried any of Vidal Sassoon's Infra Radiance range?
What hair dryer do you use?



  1. This hairdryer sounds amazing, especially for the price! I have to agree though that it looks so aesthetically pleasing!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. It sounds like a great hair dryer, I have a frizz-ease one from John Frieda and it's great - it really helps reduce drying time x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  3. I have this hair dryer & love it! It dries my hair so quickly & my hair never feels or looks heat damaged. I always recommend VS products as they're such good quality

  4. Yeah I think VS infra dryer is among the best in the market right now. Couple of my friends have used this hair dryer and they have spoken great things about it. Now I am also thinking of buying one for me.

  5. I havent tried this but heard a friend say she loves her. My hair dryer is just a cheapie from k mart


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