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February 04, 2016

Tom Reviews: Red Anchor Shave Oil and Post Shave Balm

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Hello, Tom here (you can get a little glimpse of my face over on the About page). As One Little Vice’s resident men’s grooming guru I was delighted to receive more men's shaving goodies to review over the festive period, especially as the products in question shot straight to the top of my favourites list. Red Anchor Supply Company’s Shave Oil and Post Shave Balm makes for a fantastic double-bill in The Gents Essential Shave Set* (£27.00), which my sensitive skin thoroughly appreciated as the winter turned frosty. 

onelittlevice beauty blog: Gent Essential Shave Kit Review

Generally I do prefer using shaving oils, but I’d imagine that most men would pair Red Anchor’s Shave Oil* with their preferred cream/foam. Personally, I was more than happy to use it on its own as it's much easier to see my skin as I shave. I also prefer shave oils because they can be made without the addition of certain unsavoury chemicals, and my skin can become quite sensitive when a product it doesn’t like is applied! Enlisting a smattering of oils (organic black seed, organic olive, organic sunflower, peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree), I felt happy to liberally apply the shave oil without testing for irritation first. One benefit of all these oils is that they allow your razor to very easily glide across your skin, which helps reduce cuts or nicks. Overall, I was very pleased with Red Anchor’s Shave Oil as it has given me some of the smoothest-feeling shaves that I’ve ever enjoyed! Plus it has a nice subtle scent to round out the package.

one little vice beauty blog: red anchor shave kit

I also enjoyed the accompanying Post Shave Balm*, which feels gorgeously smooth and spreads easily, so much so that over my testing period I felt like I was going through the shave oil quicker than the balm. Both products are 50ml, yet the bottles are much smaller than other 50ml shaving products I’ve used before, probably because of the relatively simple dispensing mechanism. In addition to the environmental benefits of less packaging, both products are ideal for travellin and left me with no excuse for not taking them wherever I go. In fact, the only thing remotely sizeable about Red Anchor’s The Gents Essential Shave Set is the sleek black box that the set is packaged in.

one little vice beauty blog: Red Anchor Gent Essential Shave Kit

Overall, I loved trialling both of these products - really enjoying the scent, the logo, the typography and the packaging. If you're looking for a gift to give this Valentine's day then I think that  The Gents Essential Shave Set* would be a fantastic choice.

You can find Red Anchor's Gent Essential Shave Set online for £27.00. And both products are also available for purchase separately.

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