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February 24, 2016

ESPA Optimal Pro Skin Moisturiser Review

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ESPA's Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser* (£45.00) was released towards the end of 2015 and I've been trialling it for the last couple of months. I started using it at the beginning of December when my skin was much drier than normal, and I still had large area of dehydrated skin on my cheeks. Dehydration leaves my skin looking more red than normal and it also leaves it feeling more sensitive. The dryness I was experiencing led to flakiness on my nose and brow-bone, which made wearing make-up somewhat of a challenge as it always left my foundation looking patchy and unnatural. However, if you struggle with similar skincare issues then I think that you'll be very pleasantly surprised with what ESPA's optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser can do for your skin.

This moisturiser is marketed towards most skin types - oily, normal and dehydrated - as it's supposed to work "intuitively" with your skin. I found that this was very much the case, and I was able to use this moisturiser even though I have a number of different skin concerns to contend with. The formula of the moisturiser initially feels very light, like a gel-cream, but as you massage it into your skin it starts to feels richer and more hydrating. As soon as you start using it on your skin you literally feel  the difference between ESPA's hardworking skincare and many other similar moisturising products. I found the results really impressive, even from the first use, and noticed that this moisturiser made a big difference to my complexion.

one little vice beauty blog

After regular and continued use, I've found that ESPA's Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser has helped to balance my rather troubled skin. My cheeks are less red and feel less sensitive, my nose no-longer has dry patches and my otherwise oily t-zone hasn't gotten worse (which can sometimes happen when using really hydrating moisturisers) or broken out into blemishes. ESPA have achieved a really well balanced product that feels lightweight on application but transforms into something a lot more hardworking. I prefer to use the Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser in the evening but you could easily use this in the morning too as it isn't too heavy and doesn't leave my skin looking oily. 

ESPA's skincare range never ceases to impress me, and the Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser* is a really lovely addition to their range. I'd definitely recommend it and, like many of the other ESPA products that I've tried, I would 100% repurchase this for myself.

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