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February 11, 2017

A Mango Must-Have: High Street Jewellery

I'm ususally not one to be swayed by highstreet jewellery. When it comes to accessories, I'm pretty focused on building up a considered and well-balanced designer/mid-range collection. However, sometimes you're online shopping and you just spot something that you know you need to have. I don't get this feeling very often, in fact I think the last time I felt this way was approximately 18 months ago when I first saw the Zara bag that looked just like a Gucci Soft Stirrup. I managed to scoop that baby up in the sale, and it has brought me great happiness ever since.

My interest in Mango's Face Earrings (RRP £9.99) was similar, it was instant and then total. I tried not to buy them but I knew I'd keep stalking the webpage worrying about whether they would sell out. The earrings aren't really "my style", which I'd describe and modern and minimal, but they're incredibly reminiscent of a couple of designer pieces that I really love. I'm a huge fan of 80s/90s luxury accessories designer Isabel Canovas, and she produced quite a few earrings with metal face designs. Additionally, CĂ©line also released some big statement face earrings a couple of years ago (which you can see in Camille's blog post) and I love the vibe of these sorts of pieces. Mango's Face Earrings are kooky without being too brash and, most importantly, I know that I'll wear them.

So, if you're in the market for some statement earrings then I would certainly recommend these. In case you're wondering, they're both comfortable and secure - not always the case with big earrings. I am also rather impressed by Mango's extensive range of fashion-forward statement jewellery, so if you're into big and beautiful pieces then you might want to take a look. Prices range from approximately £5.99 - £19.99.


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