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February 22, 2017

Missoma Jewellery: Mixed First Impressions

one little vice lifestyle blog: missoma jewellery review

In the big competitive world of retailing, Missoma are doing so many things right. First off, they've got some key YouTube influencers on their side which means that I've heard their brand name and seen their jewellery countless times. To be honest with you, this is the main reason that I went on to buy something from them. I wanted to invest in some new earrings but I didn't know where to look, so I googled Missoma. I knew their name, it was easy to find their website, and I'd already heard countless recommendations from influencers that I trust. The marketing strategy clearly worked on me, and now I'm in the posession of a pair of Missoma's Silver Claw Amethyst Studs (RRP £49.00 / £12.35 on sale).

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: missoma jewellery review

Other things that Missoma have nailed; their shipping is free and it's really fast; I think my earrings arrived approximatey 36 hours after I bought them. I am also quite impressed with the brand's simple but elegant packaging. Considering that I bought these studs on sale for £12.35, the jewellery box certainly made them feel more expensive. However, that being said, Missoma hasn't totally won me over. 

one little vice lifestyle blog: missoma jewellery review

When I first saw the earrings in person I wasn't hugely impressed. I think that they look a little boxy, and the claw detailing is somewhat lost when you put them on - which means that it ends up loking more like a cheap or convenient way to secure the amethyst. I don't hate the design, but it just isn't quite as stylish as I had hoped. Additionally, one of my studs is slightly loose, and I can hear the amethyst rattling in its setting when I move my head. Unfortunately I only realised this after I'd already put the earrings on, and I don't believe that earrings can be returned once worn. Honestly, if I had paid the full retail price I think I would have been disappointed with my purchase.

onelittlevice lifestyle blog: missoma jewellery review

But it isn't all doom and gloom! These earrings are a nice size to wear as they're noticeable without being too dramatic, I also find them comfortable which means I'm likely to reach for them. I think that the quality of the product is much more in line with the sale price that I paid, and I don't feel like I got an amazing sale bargain. It also means that I would be nervous to buy anything full-price from Missoma, which is what I had intended to do if I had a positive first sales experience. I love the look of their Large Horn Necklace and was hoping to purchase this next, but I think that at least for now I'll be putting that one on hold.

All in all, my first impression of Missoma's jewellery has been quite mixed - but I have to admit that I found their website, delivery and packaging to be faultless. 


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