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December 21, 2012

BAD APPLE COSMETICS: Nail Polish in shades 001Q (Russet) and 001R

Last weekend I attended the BloggersXmas Event (which I really do need to do a post on!) and while I was there I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bad Apple Cosmetics and their range of amazing nail polishes and nail wraps. I was also lucky enough to take away two of their nail polishes from the event in two amazing shades, neither of which I own anything similar to so I was very excited to try them out.

Nail Polish in 001Q* (left), Nail Polish in 001R* (right)

These nail polishes layer up gorgeously and although they take three layers to really look their best but they dry really quickly so there is no gloopiness or smudging and painting your nails won't take ages. I personally love the formula of these polishes as they're really easy to apply and the finished effect is really high quality with the colour catching the light beautifully. The grey shade (001R) is closer to a colour I might normally go for but the final pigmentation of it when it is layered up is a lot more attractive than any of the other grey nail polishes I own. I can see this shade in particular being a staple of mine- also in daylight it transforms into a lovely deep purple so its really lovely and versatile. As for the green-er shade (001Q) although this isn't something that I would normally pick up I really adore how it looks on the nail. It is a lovely take on a shade that I'd normally find a little daunting to wear. It is very multi-tonal in daylight and looks a lot more bottle green in the evening. 

All in all I would highly recommend these nail polishes for their quality and ease of application- I'm incredibly keen to try some of their more conventional shades (their bright reds and pinks look gorgeous)! The brand itself is really cool  and new and I love their logo which you can see on the bottle. These polishes retail for £9.95* and are available on the Bad Apple Cosmetics website  but at the moment there is currently 30% of nail polishes so you can nab yourself a bottle for just £6.95 which I think is incredibly good value for such a lovely nail polish.

Have you tried any of Bad Apple's nail polishes or nail wraps? 




  1. These colours look amazing! I've never heard of the brand before but I love the look of these :)

  2. Omg that green shade is so pretty!!!

  3. I got Russet too and only applied 2 layers but I think I will apply 3 layers and it looks *even* more gorgeous with 3 layers applied! I will be doing my post on it next week! Whats great is that these polishes are free from some nasty chemicals usually found in nail polishes!


    Grace x

  4. A good review! I have seen Bad Apple on Twitter, and have been keen to try them out, though wasn't sure because of the price. But I have heard others say they love them because of the colour range. They are quite unique arn't they. x


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