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December 24, 2012

REVIEW: Lush's Santa's Sack Bubble Bar

Lush's Santa's Sack Bubble Bar is another gorgeous product that I received in the #Bbloggers Xmas Event goody bag. I know this is a little bit late to blog about Lush's line of Christmas products but I'm a big fan of baths along with any products that make baths more fun and this Bubble Bar is really darn fun.

First off, I love how this Bubble Bar looks. It's a really cute, kiddy looking bubble bar that for some reason is endlessly appealing to me. I love the bright colours, I love the gold string and I love that this is actually three bath products (the two presents pull out of the pink bar and can be used separately).

I've only tried the pink part of Bubble Bar but I thought I'd blog about it anyway as Lush's amazing Christmas sale will be starting soon and I thought anyone interested in this Bubble Bar might want to know how awesome it is.

I used all of the pink part of the Bubble Bar even though I probably could have gotten away with using half- I  was craving a serious bit of luxury bath time and that is certainly what I got. The above photo is what it made the bath looks like pretty much straight after you crumble the Bubble Bar into the water. First off, it transforms the water into a deep pink (that sort of resembles the colour of Ribena) but it's come out a little more orange in my photo.

And THIS photo is what the bath looked like after a couple of minutes. This was some insane bubble action. The bath was seriously so bubbly- and it was amazing! The smell of this isn't all that strong, but if you get a good whiff it comes across as quite sweet. The colour of the water didn't stain the bath and the product was overall very gentle on my skin- no bad reaction or drying (a sensitive skin win!), that definitely helped win me over.

So, overall, this Bubble Bar scores pretty highly with me. For £4.15* it gives you three bubble baths which is fantastic value compared to other bubble bath products! And these bubbles are amazing, much better than anything else I've tried recently- I'd definitely recommend trying this (especially if this gets reduced in Lush's sale after Christmas).

Are there any Lush bath products would you recommend?




  1. This sounds really nice but for some reason I've always avoided it, will definitely be checking it out now! Have a nice xmas x

  2. I've been saving mine for a bath tonight and after reading this I can't wait to try it!

    Have a lovely Christmas. x

  3. I have this one too, I love it! x

  4. Ooh that is so cute, it looks lovely! thanks for the great review! :)
    I can't wait till the Lush Sales after Christmas!! I will definitely pick one up!♥
    Lots of love,

  5. Hi, did you use the presents seperately? I pulled them out before using the sack but now I'm not sure what effect they will have on their own, they don't look like they would create many bubbles :/
    Hayley x

    1. Apparently (according to Lush's website) the presents are made of denser bubble bar so although they are smaller they still produce a lot of bubbles. When I am back in my flat where there is a bath I'll test them out to see if this is true! xx


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