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December 05, 2012

Yankee Candles: Cherries on Snow, Home Sweet Home, True Rose

So when I was in York last week I stumbled upon a couple of shops that sold Yankee Candles so I thought I'd pick up a couple as a little Christmas treat to myself. It was hard to choose scents as they all looked lovely! Each candle is supposed to last up to 8 hours and they cost me £1.35 each.

I absolutely love the name of this candle and it was what first drew me towards it. The smell is a rich, not too sickly-sweet, cherry scent. It's a lovely, warm scent that fills the room really nicely. It doesn't really smell like snow (how could something really smell like snow!) but there is an edge to the cherry scent that stops it being too overwhelming or sickly.

Home Sweet Home is a very heavy, warming, cinnamon scent that has undertones that are quite 'woody'. I personally really like this scent, and again the name is really sweet. 

True Rose is a strong rose scent that I bought to satisfy my newly rekindled obsession with rose scents. It is light, floral and intensely rose fragranced. It smells gorgeous and really light and natural which makes me think that of the three this is the one I'm most likely to pick up in a larger size.

Overall, these are all lovely and I'll definitely be picking up some more of these in the future! I have three other candles which I'll do a post like this on when I've had a chance to use them.

Do you have a favourite candle at the moment?




  1. I have the 'cherries on snow' candle and i love it! I will deffinatly be buying some new ones soon:)

  2. mmm these sound so good! I definitely need to find somewhere that stocks Yankee candles. Newest follower :) I love you blog!


    1. Thanks sweetie :) They're really lovely candles, I'd read so much about them I had to pick some up xx

  3. Haha. Perfect for Christmas! I just wrote on cherries on snow and then I picked up a couple of votive cherry on snow candles too. I also picked up home sweet home but can't use it till my fella is away as he hates those kinds of smells. Got Strawberry buttercream, vanilla cupcake and fluffy towels as well. The cherries on snow ones are the only ones I can really smell though I have to admit. Though I'm sure I'll smell Home Sweet Home when it's lit too.

    Lizzums x

  4. Oh god I love Yankee and it's such a shame where I live there's always the same scents (and not that many). Those Christmas ones look amazing! Great post. (:


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