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December 28, 2012

REVIEW: L'Occitane Almond Delicious Paste

For anyone who has been regularly reading my blog over the last month you'll have realised by now that I'm having a little love affair with L'Occitane. Today's product review is another gem from their almond range, all of which is just gorgeously luxurious with the most enchanting rich, sweet nutty fragrance.

This particular product is an exfoliating paste that also provides moisturisation which makes it perfect for delicate or sensitive skin. I have quite a big problem with my dry hands, most notably with the skin on my knuckles which always seems to be dry regardless of what I do! I'm currently blaming winter for this.

I've started using this on my fingers, all I do is scoop up a tiny bit of the past and rub it over my knuckles, then over my fingers and, if I think I need it, over the rest of my hand. The majority of the product ends up sinking in the skin really nicely leaving you with soft (albeit slightly sticky) hands which you can either wipe clean on a towel or flannel or if you don't like the feeling you can wash your hands in water. If I wash my hands afterwards I tend to follow this up with a hand cream, I'm currently using the Body Shop's Almond hand cream (a review is no doubt imminent). The result is that my skin is really soft and far more easily absorbs any moisturiser or cream that you'd normally use, and it has vastly improved the feel and look of my dry skin. This has become part of my daily routine and I can see it remaining there for as long as my hands are this dry.

I've also tried this on the length of my arm to see what its exfoliation is like on larger areas and I was really impressed with how little you needed to use to get really smooth skin. I've been using L'Occitane's Almond  Delicious Soap for exfoliation for a while now and it really ticks all the boxes, especially as it's only £4 which compared to this paste is really cheap (the Almond Delicious Paste costs £27 for 200ml). The difference between the two though is that the Paste's is a lot finer and more deeply moisturising than the soap which makes it better areas you specifically want to target- such as elbows and knees (or knuckles in my case). I really do love this product but I'll probably reserve this for my hands as the soap is doing a perfect job for all my other exfoliation needs, but it's definitely worth checking out if you have very dry or sensitive skin!

Do you have any recommendations for exfoliation products?




  1. This sounds delicious, I'd want to eat it! But I wouldn't pay £27 for it :/ I find Soap & Glory's exfoliants are really good x

  2. This sounds lovely. I love the shower oil from them, is it a similar smell? x

  3. I love this paste and I'm a huge L'Occitane fan myself :-) Actually, the whole almond series are amazing!

  4. Sounds great!

    Thank you for the follow. :)

    Stefi x

  5. Ahh, now I really want to try this! I'm not sure where I can get L'Occitane though. Sephora only sells some of their products :/


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