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December 03, 2012

Tonic Cosmetics, York: Soaps, candles and bubble bath cupcakes!

So last week I made a day trip to York for a Postgraduate open day when I stumbled upon a shop called Tonic in the city centre which has the cutest selection of soaps, candles and bubble bath cupcakes. All the products are paraben free and the soap slices are hand made using the cold process method, ph neutral and they contain perfume oils which means they leave long lasting scent. I was really impressed with the look of all the products so I thought I'd just share with you some photos of the things that really took my fancy. As well as the cheeky purchase that I made!

A lovely sweet Rhubarb scented soap! I've never come across anything like this before.

I was mainly drawn to this by its appearance but it smells gorgeous.

I love how this looks and the lavender scent is so dreamy.

Cupcake candles! And cute soapy swirls on a stick :)

Cupcake soaps and soap cake slices, so so pretty.

Although I was tempted by pretty much everything I saw I only ended up buying one item and that was a rose scented bubble bath cupcake. It smells absolutely heavenly and is something that anyone who is a fan of rose scents would just start drooling over! It cost me £5.50 but is really big and I reckon I can get at least 4 uses out of it (the Tonic website also advertises this as being the case).

I have tried the bubble bath cupcake once now so I can do a very basic review of it. It smells just as gorgeous when it dissolves and it creates beautifully milky, cloudy bath water but it really doesn't foam up or bubble as much as other products that I've tried. Saying that, however, it does bubble enough for me and the scent (which really lingers on the skin after use) is just so delicately fragrant. Given how cute it is and how many uses I'll get out of it I would definitely repurchase this, although now I'd have slightly lower expectations on the bubble-front!

Overall, a lovely find and I'll definitely be returning to purchase some of their soap next time I'm in York! They also have a website where you can browse their products and make purchases so that is also worth checking out if you like the look of the products.

Have you found any lovely independent shops like this? I'd love some recommendations! 


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  1. This shop looks gorgeous! I love the look of the cake and cupcake soaps! xxx

    1. It really is lovely, I wanted to buy everything xx

  2. These look so pretty!! I love those soap slices.

    1. The soap slices are really cute, I'll definitely pop back next time I'm in York :) x

  3. That cupcake bubble bath looks amazing! Omg! I want the whole of this shop. xx


    1. The cupcake bubble bath definitely stood out for me, smells gorgeous xx

  4. The cupcake candles look adorable! :)


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