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March 25, 2013

DAYDREAMING... Interrailing

Daydreaming is a new post series that I'm starting with a post every month or so featuring something that I've been thinking about a lot. It might be beauty related sometimes but this month it's all about travelling. More specifically, about going interrailing this summer.

For those of you who don't know about interrailing, it's where you go travelling across a number of different European countries by train using an interrail pass. Last summer I organised a five week interrail trip which included travelling across ten countries with my best friend Tom. It was the most exciting experience and it really induced a wanderlust in me. All I want to do now is travel!

Whenever I'm procrastinating from work I'm looking up places I could visit, museums I'd like to go to, beaches I'd like to lie on etc. I'm graduating from University in May (it's so soon that it terrifies me!) and all I want to do this summer is travel. My only problem is that I currently don't have a travelling partner. After travelling with Tom last summer I realised that it isn't essential to go travelling with someone but I think having a companion would be something I'd like- and I know it would put my dad's mind at ease as well. So although I've been daydreaming about a potential future interrail, I've also been reliving my trip last year and I thought I'd share a couple of photos with you.

That's me at the very beginning of my trip last summer! Tom and I were such a mess for most of it (what with having to carry everything we needed with us at nearly all times) but it was the most fun ever. We got to swim in the sea, travel through the Alps, see Pompeii, visit countless cathedrals and museums, we saw dinosaur bones, explored foreign supermarkets, took boat trips, fell out of bunk beds, endured door-less bathrooms, bought overpriced beers, listened to audio guides, got sunburnt and most of all we had the most fun and crazy times. I've included photos of Tom as well as me but he said that was okay (we live together so him appearing on my blog was going to happen eventually).

I don't know how many of you are like me, always planning your next big getaway or day dreaming about weekend trips to Paris or Copenhagen but if you are I'd love for you to tweet me your ideas!  I'm constantly off in other countries in my head. I'm desperate to visit Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Norway, Denmark... the list is endless. It'd be lovely to talk to other people who are equally as obsessed with travelling as I am.

So that concludes my first Daydreaming post, I hope you enjoyed it! 



  1. ah it looks like you had an amazing trip! me and my boyfriend are contemplating going travelling at the end of this year through america. interrailing sounds like soooo much fun tho !

    X X X

  2. i would love to take a trip like this during my gap year next year - i want to see some amazing sights!! xxx

  3. This is my dream! Once my daughter gets a little older I'd love to take her interailling and give her a real education in History & Geography. I would of loved it as a child and I hope she'll be the same. It'll help if i've met someone by that point too..

    Looks like you had a fantastic time, and it looks beautiful! Only way to see Europe in my opinion!

    Amy x


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