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February 28, 2015

February Beauty Favourites

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: spring makeup bodycare and skincare picks reviewed

Welcome back to another monthly beauty favourites post! February flew past, but I started using some really, really gorgeous products this month and I'm excited to share my shortlist with you today. I've roughly divided them up into three sections; body care products, makeup and my favourite daily essentials. There are some of my favourite brands featured and these products are the ones I'd go out and repurchase or buy for my family and friends as gifts - they're all just gorgeous! 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: fair squared almond hand cream roger & gallet rose body lotion and fragrant water review

FairSquared Almond Hand Cream

I've had seriously dry hands this month and I've been heavily reliant on good hand creams. I raced through my Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream (which I'll be talking about in my upcoming February Empties post) and then I started to reach for this one from FairSquared. It has a really thick and creamy formula that feels gorgeous on your skin, and it does a tremendous job of rehydrating even very dry hands. I like that it comes in a big 100ml tube - otherwise I'd go through hand creams far too quickly - but it does mean I haven't been using it on-the-go, which is a shame as the formula absorbs pretty fast so, if you wanted to, you could apply it whilst you were out. Overall, I've really enjoyed using it and I like knowing that at least some of the ingredients come from fair-trade sources.

I didn't realise how much I would fall in love with the formula of this Roger& Gallet Body Lotion! It has such a gorgeous consistency that's creamy but also incredibly light, which is great because it feels lovely to apply but also sinks in really quickly. I usually moisturise by working down my body, and with this body lotion by the time I reach my legs I generally find that the product has completely sunk into my arms and torso. It does have a gorgeous, subtle rose scent but I don't find that it lasts too long on my skin unless I layer up with the Rose Imaginaire Eau Fraiche*.

I really, really like Roger & Gallet's fragrant waters. They come in a gorgeous array of scents and Rose Imaginaire has a slightly deeper and more sophisticated rose scent than the Nourishing Body Lotion*. I find that the scent lasts really well, especially when you layer it up with other products from Roger & Gallet's range of rose-scented products. I particularly love that the 30ml size comes in such a compact bottle - it's really great for throwing in your handbag for top-ups in the late afternoon. It's definitely been the scent that I've reached for the most this month!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: RMK Vintage Drop Gloss Japonesque Eye Defining Pencil Monu Illuminating Primer review

My favourite go-to makeup look this month has been inspired by the adverts I spotted everywhere in this month's Vogue magazine. Most of the models in the adverts had a very similar style of makeup - perfect, glowing skin coupled with heavy, smokey eyes and either a nude or very natural-looking pink lip. When I want to re-create this look I always start with Monu's Illuminating Primer, not only does it transform the look of my skin and my makeup but it also does a fantastic job of increasing the wear-time of my foundation. For my eye makeup I loved reaching for Japonesque's Eye Defining Pencil in Black. It has a really creamy formula that's incredibly easy to blend into your lashes as well offering a gorgeous intense black colour. Then for lips, I've been loving two products. The first is Yves Rocher's Lipstick in the shade Rose Alba* but the standout lip product of the month has definitely been RMK's Vintage Dropgloss in Shade 04. It's just the most gorgeous nude lipgloss that leaves my lips looking incredibly juicy. Plus, it has a really sweet butterscotch scent that I love! These products were absolute staples to my makeup routine this month and I'd highly recommend them all.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Lanolips 101 Ointment MyChelle Advanced Argan Oil Review

I've mentioned this multi-purpose ointment quite a few times, and that's because I reach for it a lot. Lanolips' 101 Ointment has been my most used lip balm so far this year and it's also fantastic for patches of eczema and even for setting your brows (you just run a tiny bit through them using a brow-brush/spoolie). If you have dry lips or just like trying new lip balms then I'd definitely recommend this one, for me it's an absolute daily essential.

Another one of my daily essentials is facial oil. I've been using rosehip oil for the last two years but at the beginning of February MyChelle very kindly sent over their argan oil for me to try out - and I have to admit that I'm really impressed! It definitely does something different to my skin but I still get all the hydrating benefits that my combination skin really needs. If you get dry patches and want a product to help even out your skin then you might want to get on board and try out a skin oil. I'll be posting my full review of MyChelle's Advanced Argan Oil next week so it's definitely worth checking back if you want to know more about it.

In the comments below, please recommend one of your favourite beauty products - I'd love to know if I'm missing out on anything!



  1. Girl, you are totally on my wave length! Roger & Gallet are just gorgeous and I really want to try some bits from RMK!

    Stephanie xxx

  2. I've been intrigued by MyChelle for a while and this sounds good, I'm glad to hear that! :) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty


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