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February 10, 2015

Tom Reviews: Latherly Shower Experience & BRYT Hair & Body Wash for Him

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Male beauty blog reviews
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Male Beauty Blogs Review

Hello! It's Tom again - you might remember me from my last guest post, or from some of Angelica's out-and-about in London lifestyle posts in which I quite often get featured! In today's post I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on two quite different men’s shower wash products that I have been fortunate enough to try out for the last month. 

The first, BRYT Skincare’s Hair and Body Wash for Him* (200ml, RRP. £13.99) is a thoroughly premium product that I have been excited to try ever since I first saw its smart and colourful packaging. As with the Gentle Man range I reviewed last time, each product is boxed exquisitely, and a pleasing synergy is maintained between BRYT’s men’s and women’s ranges, with each item featuring an alternately coloured spin on the brand’s circular motif. Therefore, BRYT’s men’s and women’s ranges appear as sublime in a bathroom shared between the sexes as they do huddled together on a store shelf. Despite the kaleidoscopic packaging, BRYT Hair and Body Wash has a masculine fragrance, though this aroma is certainly not overpowering, and didn’t contribute to aggravating my (at times) sensitive skin. It is worth noting here that the BRYT range is free from artificial colours, petrochemicals, parabens and sulphates, removing of the guesswork of choosing suitable products for my awkward skin. In the shower, BRYT performs well on skin and in hair, spreading nicely. In fact I’m unaccustomed to putting anything other than shampoo and conditioner in my hair, but found that BRYT left it feeling soft and clean, and washed out with ease. The clincher for me is that the entire range is made in Great Britain, which is fantastic.

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I've also been testing out Latherly's Shower Experience* (200ml, RRP. £4.99), which I enjoyed and found to be a very interesting product, one really unlike anything I have previously used when showering.  Packaged as an aerosol (though Latherly’s Bag On Value dispensing systes keeps the ingredients segregated from the propellant), a spray of Latherly produces a gel that quickly and seamlessly foams up in your hands, ready to use. It is a novel sensation, like having a bubble bath in your shower (especially if you use a little bit too much!). Bearing a mildly sweet unisex fragrance, Latherly Shower Experience is intended for use by both men and women, a fact reflected in the stylish visual design of the product, which splashes teal shapes and writing against a cool matte white background. As someone known for ‘borrowing’ the funky products of my female friends, the fact that such an interesting product is officially sanctioned for male purchase and use is great! Furthermore, Latherly is reasonably priced and, being well within my typical budget, presents good value for such a premium-feeling and (most importantly) a sensitive skin-friendly experience. 

BRYT Skincare and Beauty Crowd were kind enough to send these products over for review purposes. You can purchase BRYT Hair and Body Wash for Him* (200ml) from (alternatively it is also available in some Waitrose stores) for £13.99, and Latherly Shower Experience* (200ml) from for £4.99.


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