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May 13, 2015

Is It Really a Makeup Revolution?

Drugstore Dupe of Nars Multiples: one little vice beauty blog review

I've known about Makeup Revolution for a long time now. For a relatively new brand they've made quite a splash and, quite frankly, they've taken the internet beauty community by storm. As much as I love affordable beauty brands I'm always sceptical of incredibly affordable beauty products that clock in at just a few pounds. I just never know if they're going to be any good, and let's face it, we've all been let down countless times before by "cheap" beauty products. But after reading review after review, Makeup Revolution started to sound different to other brands I'd tried before - and yet I still held off from diving into their collection to scoop up their goodies left right and centre. I guess that I just didn't want to believe that a £5 product could match, or even beat, the quality of a luxury beauty product that clocks in at up to £30. 

Slowly Makeup Revolution products filtered into my life, an eyeshadow palette, a setting spray and then, the product that tipped me over the edge, Makeup Revolution's The One Blush Stick in the shade Matte Rush. I put off buying one of these blushes for a really long time, and I even picked up one of Nars' Matte Multiples before daring to try the highstreet "dupe". And you know what, I absolutely and completely love Makeup Revolution's Blush Sticks. They're not as much of a dupe for the Nars' Matte Multiples as I'd thought, but they may well be a dupe of the normal Multiples. That aside, even without any dupe comparisons, they're really lovely cream blushes! 

one little vice beauty blog review: drugstore dupe nars multiple

Matte Rush is an incredibly pigmented coral shade. All you need to do is touch your finger, or a stippling brush, against the product and you'll have enough colour to work - and probably for both cheeks too. I like cream blushes because of the natural looking finish they give but also because they're really easy to apply. You don't necessarily need to use brushes (which is a big plus if you often forget to wash your brushes) but if you do use brushes then it's easy to blend out any excess product if you have accidentally applied too much. In the photo below you can see what Matte Rush looks like on me in a typical "everyday" makeup look.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable drugstore cream blush

I really like how these Blush Sticks wear on my skin and I'd definitely like to try some of the other shades. There aren't many drugstore/highstreet makeup brands that I'm really excited by at the moment, but Makeup Revolution really keep hitting the balls out of the park. These Blush Sticks are wonderful affordable makeup products, and with such an extensive range there are bound to be other gems. I'd definitely recommend browsing their website (link here) or checking out their makeup stand in your local Superdrug store. 

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution's makeup?
Do you like cream blushes or are you more into powders?



  1. I also have this blush stick and I am in love, I also got the matte brown shade and use that for a contour and it works wonders :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  2. This is a product I really want to try as well! It look so lovely and glowy on the cheeks. x

  3. These look like a fantastic dupe, I definitely need to try it!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  4. I've really been loving their makeup, specially the eyeshadow palettes and their new Blushing Hearts :) this product looks really great as well, might have to check it out x

  5. I'm so pleased that you like them. I think they hit the mark and deliver a great selection of dupes that may not be affordable for everyone. The Iconic palettes are a great example and I know a few of the £2.49 Iconic Pro lipsticks are great dupes for Mac, with Liberty being a full-on dupe. I find the pigmentation to be incredible in all their palettes. I'm really impressed xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  6. I tend to go for powders but creams are lovely for summer and it's great to know these are now in Superdrug! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  7. I've seen a lot of people talking about these Makeup revolution products and I really wanted to try out!

    xx jona
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