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May 29, 2015

May Beauty Empties

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Although this month's empties post is still pretty hefty, I didn't feel as though I finished that many products this month. However, it feels like my beauty cupboard has suffered a particularly heavy loss this month, with nearly every product being something that I want to replace. Despite recieving many review samples to feature on my blog I do still have favourite products and brands that I go back to, and L'Occitane, Balance Me and Lanolips are three pretty heavy hitters in that department. I'm also a recent (since early 2015) convert to Monu, RMK and Aromatherapy Associates, so saying goodbye to three of their products this month was another shame. Alas! All good things come to an end, and I'll looking forward to replacing them in time. Read on to discover which bits I loved, as well as the products that I didn't get along with quite so well! 

May Beauty Empties: one little vice beauty blog

Monu Enriched Body Cream* | rrp £24.00

This is a seriously rich and hydrating body cream that leaves my skin soft for days and days after use. It's a little bit on the pricier side but I'd definitely repurchase this if I wanted something to get my skin looking and feeling it's best. Although it doesn't have a super light texture, it's fruity grapefruit scent makes it a lovely option for the warmer months.

RMK Cleansing Balm* | rrp £29.00

If you're a fan of rose scents and have dry or mature skin then this cleansing balm might just be for you. It's got a really pleasant, gentle fragrance and a rich oily consistency that's really effective at removing make-up but still gentle on your skin. I really enjoyed using this and I'm keen to try more of RMK's gorgeous skincare range.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty products and I always go out and repurchase it. Not only does this body moisturiser have the most beautiful light gel consistency that somehow still manages to really hydrate your skin, but it also has a seriously beautiful scent. It's a really expensive treat but it's one of my absolute favourites. I'd definitely recommend checking this out in a L'Occitane store next time you have the chance, you might just get hooked on it in the same way that I have!

May Beauty Empties 2015: one little vice beauty blog

I won this conditioner in a twitter competition and it was the one I kept going back to when I finished my preferred conditioners. I used this up really slowly, over a good few months, and I liked that it offered a very light dose of moisture but it isn't really wasn't anything to get too excited about so I won't be purchasing it again.

I used up the last dregs of this body oil this month as it's been in my bathroom cupboard taking up space for ages. It's a really uninspiring body oil that doesn't do much at all for my skin, it leaves it feeling smoother and softer intiially but there aren't any long lasting effects. I wouldn't repurchase this again, I'd much rather spend the same amount of money on Lanolips' Body Oil which is infinitely better!

This has been my go-to deodorant for the last couple of months. If you're looking for an aluminium-free deodorant then this one is definitely worth trying out. It leaves me feeling fresh and keeps me feeling that way for most of the day. Plus, it didn't dry out my skin or irritate it which is a big plus. I haven't repurchased this yet but I have bought another deodorant from Bionsen's range to try out next.

May Beauty Empties: One Little Vice Beauty Blog

This moisturising balm is one of my regular beauty repurchases. It's an incredibly hydrating product that rejuvantes the look and feel of my skin in just one application. If you have dry skin then I'd highly recommend it, and I'll be picking up another tube soon.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite body washes. Balance Me's Rose Otto scent is really fragrant whilst still being delicate, it's exactly the s of thort of scent that I like reaching for in the morning! Plus, the body wash has a very gentle lather that doesn't aggravate my skin which is important in a product that I reach for everyday. I'll definitely be repurchasing this! 

I used this oil in the shower on days when I was feeling down in the dumps or under the weather and I found that it always, without fail, made me feel better about myself and the day ahead. It's definitely not a product you "need" but it's most certainly a product that I was glad to have around to perk myself up on down-days. Although Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils aren't super affordable I do still think that I'd repurchase them in the future - if not for myself then definitely for friends and family. From my experience I've learnt that they actually "do" something, and that something was often the little extra kick I needed to relax and feel better - and who doesn't love a product that does that?

Have you tried any of these products?
Which products have you finished this month?



  1. The L'Occitane Body Lotion sounds truly divine, I always stop by that counter as I love how vibrant it is. I might look into that more, particularly around Christmas when all the gift sets come out.
    Amy x

  2. How have you used up a Lanolips product?! Mine NEVER go down and ive been using them for months :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I love L'Occitane's almond scent! Using the hand cream and shower oil at the moment xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  4. No. 7 body oil disappointed too.

  5. Congratulation for the empties! It's a prove of, ehm, patience! :D


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