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December 04, 2012

REVIEW: L'Occitane 100% Pure Shea Butter

I bought this small pot of shea butter up at the Marie Claire Event the week a couple of weeks ago and I've been using it every day since then. 

I've only recently discovered how amazing shea butter is and now I'm a little bit obsessed. I've been using this in a number of ways. Firstly, this has replaced my Body Shop Lip Butter as my go-to night time lip treatment. I rub my finger into the tub trying to get a small amount of the product and then I rub two fingers together to warm it up slightly before applying it to my lips and then each morning I've woken up with smooth soft lips.

I've also been using it on the skin around the corner of my eyes as an intensive moisturiser (especially as shea is supposed to be a great anti aging product, although this isn't a big concern of mine at this point in time) and I've also used it a couple of times on the ends of my hair to smooth frizzy ends. I was a little bit hesitant about using it on my hair but I didn't need to use very much and the effects were great. I loved that I could use something all natural in place of the normal sort of serum I'd usually go for.

Lastly, this shea butter can also be used on your cuticles. My cuticles have always been a bit rubbish because I've never looked after them very well, but I've added this into my routine and have noticed an improvement in their appearance over only 2 weeks. 

Even if you were to only pick this up to use as a lip balm I would still recommend it but given that it is such a multi-purpose product I really do rate it very highly! I've already bought a second small pot on ASOS when there was a 25% student discount as it made it super affordable at around £4. Normally, however, you can buy it off ASOS for £5.50 which is £1.50 cheaper than it is on the L'Occitane website. 

Do you use any shea butter products? I'm on the look out for some new things to try!




  1. It sounds awesome! I love multi purpose products. xx

    1. It's really fantastic that you can do so much with it! x

  2. This is my holy grail lip care product. Nothing cures my lips like this xx

    1. It's amazing! I'm so glad I've discovered it x


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