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September 18, 2013

Skincare SOS: Product Recommendations for Skin Prone to Breakouts

Like many people, from time to time I suffer from breakouts of spots. Now, I'm not talking about just one or two (I often have one or two) I'm talking about a cluster of them or like five or six across my face. More often that not this sort of skin problem is the direct result of me having eaten refined sugar or is hormonally induced iykwim.

Anyway, in the past I know have recommended spot treatments and face masks for blemished skin and those recommendations are still valid - but sometimes it feels as though you just need to try something new. It might stem from the allure of 'newness' or it might be that inkling that out there somewhere is the spot treatment of all spot treatments. I like to try new things and my first port of call is always twitter, where I go to ask for product recommendations.
I've garnered together the responses and I hope that this helps anyone like me who is looking for products to help improve their skin. There are lots of affordable drugstore recommendations as well as some more natural solutions alongside a couple of pricier alternatives. 

I can only personally vouch for the effectiveness of a couple of these recommendations (as I haven't tried them all myself). If you like the sound of Lush's Cosmetic Catastrophe click for my review, and the same goes for Skinetica. I also agree that Witch's Blemish Stick is fantastic and is probably the most affordable option listed, although I haven't yet reviewed it on my blog! From the recommendations given, I'm very interested to try out the Origins Out of Trouble Mask and their Super Spot Remover as well as Lush's Mask of Magniminty and the Yves Rocher face mask recommended by Ines. I will almost certainly eventually try them all because, alas, my skin seems to perpetually struggle with monthly breakouts so there will always be a need  for products such as these in my regime. 

I very recently received some skincare products because I'm taking part in the #MyLittleSkincareProject which Sophia from Tattooed Tealady set up and is currently running. One of which was the La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I.* which is described as a "Targeted Breakout Corrector". This is another spot treatment to consider and it is the one that I'm turning to first. I'm going to be testing this out over the next few weeks and I will report back in due time and let you know if it has helped my skin at all. I'm seriously hoping it will. In the mean time I hope the product recommendations featured in this post help any of you looking for new products to try.

Do you have any spot treatments you swear by?

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  1. Those Witch Blemish Sticks are fab, so cheap and effective! I also really like Balance Me's Congested Skin Serum which you just dab onto blemishes or blemish prone areas and it helps clear them up :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. really want to try out effaclar a.i ! x

  3. I stick with Bare Minerals Belmish Remedy is perfect and natural and simply just does the job- their skincare is amazing too.


  4. Whenever I get a breakout I always turn to the witch stick and mix pure tea tree oil into my oil cleanser, and upping my use of aha's.
    love the sound of that LRP product.

  5. I use bentonite clay with water as a mask for really bad break-outs, after steaming my face.

    I find things around the house work better for me though. Like Sudocreme, I have yet to see any shop-bought face mask that works as effictively as that stuff! Great post btw!

  6. Bad weather can often break me out too, which is rather annoying because that's like 9 months of a year. Everyone's going on about Skinetica at the moment, but I've yet to try it. I am actually using 100% pure organic avocado oil (which I recently reviewed) at the moment, and it's better than any acne products I've tried in the past. It's also a great hair oil. :P

    Beauty from the Fjord x

  7. I'm loving the Elemental Herbology Detox Mask - I also pop some on big lumpy spots as an overnight treatment and it really helps! Since using an exfoliating toner twice a day my skin seems to have settled down a bit - fingers crossed it stays that way. Also the Witch Anti-Blemish Concealer is fab! xx


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