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December 13, 2013

Buche De Noel: Lush's Christmas Limited Edition Facial Cleanser

Buche de Noel is a Christmas Limited Edition Facial Cleanser from Lush and it is the first Lush cleanser that I've ever tried. It looks like a hot mess when you first see it. Don't worry, everyone feels the same way about it - it looks messy and confusing. One of Lush's charming shop assistants very kindly took the time to walk me through how to use it and this was the only reason I bought it. She very clearly and simply showed me how to use the cleanser and walked me through it's benefits.

Unscrewing the lid, you then need to take a pound coin size blob of Buche de Noel onto your fingers. I usually just pinch an amount that I think looks about right and then I move this into the palm of one of my hands. You then slowly add a bit of warm water to the cleanser and you rub it around your palm until it has a past-like consistency. At this point it starts to look more normal, much more like a cleanser - it has a milky consistency but it isn't completely smooth. At this point you can start rubbing the milky paste on to your skin in slow circular motions. Not only does the cleanser effectively clean your skin, it also offers a gentle exfoliation. I find that after using Buche de Noel my skin not only feels clean but it also feels very smooth and soft.

I found that Buche de Noel worked very well for me. It is really gentle and I don't think it would aggravate sensitive skin at all. It is definitely unlike any of the 'conventional' cleansers that I've used before and it is a bit messier to use but I've really enjoyed using something that is handmade with fresh ingredients. I'd definitely recommend getting your hands on it while it is still available! You can find Buche de Noel in Lush stores or online here for £5.95. (And remember to save your black Lush pots - if you return 5 of them to any Lush store in exchange they give you a free face mask of your choice.)

Have you tried any of Lush's facial cleansers before? Do you like the sound of Buche de Noel?



  1. It looks so natural! did it have a red nose? ^^

    i have never tried this but i do have the angels on bare skin to try out :)

    lovely review!

    zara xx
    I have also reviewed the golden wonder bath bomb on my blog if you would like to have a look :) x

  2. I use the let the good times roll cleanser and its lovely! Smells amazing too, I agree though it defintiely looks interesting but so worth using :) might give this one a try next!

  3. my favourite seasonal item from Lush is Rudolph fresh face mask, never tried their face cleansers, but this does look interesting...


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