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May 18, 2014

Review: Baker Days Dairy Free Sponge Cake cake £14.99* available on their website

A little while ago the lovely people at Baker Days offered to send me one of their letterbox cakes to try out and review. Not one to turn down free cake, I opted for a dairy free sponge cake adorned with a topless Ryan Gosling (because if we're going to do this we should definitely do it right).

 Baker Days' letterbox cakes are small enough to fit through a post box and come in sturdy enough packaging to survive the journey - they are housed in a very cute tin which is then securely packaged in a chic white cardboard box. Inside the box there is also a card, balloons and candles, basically everything you need to celebrate a special occasion. These cakes are a fantastic option for anyone living away from family or friends - I always miss family birthdays because I'm stuck up at University and knowing I could send a personalised cake home gives me a new present option. 

There are so many different design options (take a look here) which you can further personalise, giving you the perfect choice of cake for any occasion. There are also different flavour options; sponge, dairy free sponge, gluten free sponge,  fruit cake and chocolate chip sponge. I found the dairy free sponge to be moist and the jam to be flavoursome, and the icing to cake ratio was good, any more icing and I would have found the cake sickly. 

Baker Days' letterbox cakes are quite small, especially if you're intending to share them around. They only give three reasonably sized slices. I do, however, think they are a novel idea and I love that I can send a cake to a loved one whenever and wherever I might be, without having to worry about it arriving damaged or inedible (which has happened when I've tried to post food in the past). All in all, I'd definitely choose to use Baker Days in the future and I think their letterbox cakes are worth bearing in mind!

What are your thoughts on Baker Days' "letterbox friendly" cake service? 


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