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May 19, 2014

Review: Marlenha Blossom Elixir (Argan Oil and Rose Hip)

Marlenha's Argan Oil and Roship infused Blossom Elixir £44.00*/ 50ml.

Marlenha is an Italian skincare brand that pride themselves on producing hand crafted skincare that isn't tested on animals and doesn't contain parabens, petroleum, paraffin  chemical preservatives, alcohol, nickel, SLS or synthetic colorants. Almost all the ingredients in their skincare products are natural or derived naturally. Marlenha is an artisan skincare boutique, offering high quality products made from high quality ingredients.

I was very kindly sent the Blossom Elixir to trial for review. I've been using it for about one month now and I have to admit that I am incredibly impressed with the formula of this moisturiser. The parcel arrived in secure packaging that would ensure the product's safe arrival. The Blossom Elixir itself came packaged in a high quality, textured cardboard box (which is recyclable, fitting the brand's ethos of using sustainable materials and ingredients) that, although simple, has an appealing minimalistic design that makes it suitable for any age and doesn't market it specifically toward either gender. The packaging of the Blossom Elixir itself is heavy glass which feels appropriate given the product's luxury price tag. On first glimpse, I think it would make a very appealing gift for anyone "into" skincare, especially those who like subtle rose scents - because this Blossom Elixir is has a gorgeous delicate rose fragrance. 

The Blossom Elixir is a real pleasure to use and I was so pleased that it didn't irritate my skin. The formula is light and gel-like in consistency which is surprising because it contains a plethora of highly nourishing ingredients - argan oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil - along with rose hip which offers redness reducing properties. Despite this array of oils, the moisturiser sinks into the skin quickly leaving it visibly plump and nourished but without any residue. This makes the Blossom Elixir perfect for use in the morning as you can happily apply this before foundation with no problems. I've also used this as part of my evening routine, applying this in place of my usual facial oil/serum before then going on to apply a heavier moisturiser. Either way, I've found that it works well alone or incorporated as one step in a routine. I feel that it has made a great difference to the look and feel of my skin - I think it has been smoother, softer and more even and, overall, much more hydrated.

Marlenha make five different products with the Blossom Elixir being the most suitable skincare option for younger skin (for reference, I'm twenty-one) and for anyone interesting in a similar product that is more suitable for mature skin types or those interested in anti-ageing properties then I'd point you towards their Bloom Anti-Age or Fourish Moisturiser. Marlenha's products come with luxury price tags but I have seen first hand that the quality of their skincare is on-point making them well worth the investment. 

You can browse Marlenha's webiste here - and you can also find them on Twitter (link) and Facebook (link).

Do you know of any similar skincare products that are light in texture but really hydrate and plump skin?


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